Grey-headed woodpecker Picus canus, from here.

Belongs within: Picidae.

The Picini is an assemblage of often greenish woodpeckers found in Eurasia. Species of the genus Picus are often more or less ground-feeders.

    |--Chrysocolaptes Blyth 1843 [Chrysocolaptini] B94
    |    |--C. sultaneus [incl. C. strictus] S89
    |    `--C. lucidus S02
    |--Dinopium Rafinesque 1814 [incl. Tiga Kaup 1836; Tigini] B94
    |    |--D. benghalense S02
    |    |--‘Tiga’ intermedia S89
    |    `--D. javanense RD02 [=T. javanensis S89]
    `--Picus Linnaeus 1758 M02 [incl. Gecinus Boie 1831 B94; Gecinini]
         |--P. atratus S89
         |--P. awokera T89
         |--P. canus Gmelin 1788 M02
         |    |--P. c. canus VP89
         |    `--P. c. sobrinus VP89
         |--P. chlorolophus S02
         |--P. flavinucha A61
         |--P. gaudryi Depéret 1887 [=Zygodactylus gaudryi] M02
         |--P. minor D66
         |--P. peregrinabundus Umans’ka 1981 M02
         |--P. viridanus Blyth 1843 W66 [=Gecinus viridanus S89]
         |--P. viridis Linnaeus 1758 M02
         `--P. xanthopygaeus S02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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