Blue coua Coua caerulea, photographed by Alberto Garcia Rios.

Belongs within: Neoaves.
Contains: Centropus, Cuculinae.

The Cuculidae are the cuckoos and related birds, a family of mostly insectivorous birds with slender bodies, long wings and tails, and zygodactyl feet. Though cuckoos are widely known as brood parasites, most species outside the subfamily Cuculinae raise their own young.

<==Cuculidae [Apopempsidae, Cuculi, Veflintornithidae]
    |  i. s.: Ceuthmochares aereus ME04
    |         Dynamopterus Milne-Edwards 1892 M05
    |           |--*D. velox Milne-Edwards 1892 M02
    |           `--D. boulei Gaillard 1939 M02
    |         Rhamphococcyx erythrognathus ME04, S89
    |         Phaenicopterus tristis RD02
    |         Polyphasia tenuirostris (Gray 1833) [=Cuculus tenuirostris] W66
    |         Chalcococcyx plagosus S13
    |         Urodynamis taitiensis S13
    |         Veflintornis Kašin 1976 [=Apopempsis Brodkorb 1971 non Schenkling 1903] M02
    |           `--*V. meini (Ballmann 1969) [=Musophaga meini, *Apopempsis meini] M02
    |--+--Crotophaginae [Crotophagidae] B94
    |  |    |--Guira Lesson 1830 [Guirinae] B94
    |  |    |    |--*G. guira ME04
    |  |    |    `--G. piririgua B66
    |  |    `--Crotophaga Linnaeus 1758 HK08, B94
    |  |         |--C. ani ME04
    |  |         |--C. major ME04
    |  |         `--C. sulcirostris HK08
    |  `--Neomorphinae [Neomorphidae] B94
    |       |--Morococcyx MMJ03
    |       |--Dromococcyx phasianellus A61, ME04
    |       |--Carpococcyx Gray 1840 [Carpococcyginae] B94
    |       |--Geococcyx Wagler 1831 HK08, B94 [incl. Leptostoma Swainson 1837 B94; Geococcyginae, Leptostomatinae]
    |       |    `--G. californianus HK08
    |       |--Tapera Thunberg 1819 [incl. Diplopterus Boie 1826; Diplopterinae, Taperinae] B94
    |       |    `--T. naevia FP64
    |       `--Neomorphus Gloger 1827 [incl. Cultrides Pucheran 1851] S66
    |            |--N. geoffroyi [=Coccyzus geoffroyi, Cultrides geoffroyi, Neomorphus geoffroyii] S66
    |            |--‘Cultrides’ pucherani S66
    |            |--N. rufipennis (Gray 1849) [=Cultrides rufipennis] S66
    |            `--N. salvini Sclater 1866 S66
    `--+--+--Centropus HK08
       |  `--Coua Schinz 1821 HK08, B94 [incl. Sericosomus Swainson 1837 B94; Couinae, Sericosominae]
       |       |--C. caerulea PT03
       |       |--C. cristata ME04
       |       |--C. delalandei FP64
       |       |--C. primaeva VR72
       |       `--C. reynaudii PT03
       `--+--Cuculinae HK08
          `--Phaenicophaeinae B94
               |--Zanclostomus Swainson 1837 [Zanclostominae] B94
               |--Phaenicophaeus Stephen 1815 HK08, B94
               |    |--P. curvirostris HK08
               |    `--P. pyrrhocephalus USDI77
               |--Coccyzus Vieillot 1816 [Coccyzidae, Coccyzinae] B94
               |    |--C. americanus HK08
               |    |--C. erythropthalmus SO03
               |    |--C. melanocoryphus SS66
               |    `--C. minor SWK87
               |--Piaya Lesson 1830 [Piayinae] B94
               |    |--P. cayana FS55
               |    |    |--P. c. cayana FS55
               |    |    `--P. c. stirtoni FS55
               |    |--P. minuta SS66
               |    `--P. nigricrissa SS66
               `--Saurothera Vieillot 1816 [Saurotherinae] B94
                    |--S. merlini MS55
                    |    |--S. m. merlini MS55
                    |    `--S. m. bahamensis MS55
                    |--S. vetula MS55
                    `--S. vieilloti SWK87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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