Downy woodpecker Picoides pubescens, photographed by Dan Sudia.

Belongs within: Picidae.

The Picoidini are an assemblage of small to medium-sized woodpeckers proposed to unite the Afrotropical woodpeckers with the Holarctic barred woodpeckers of the genus Picoides. This group is often referred to as the Campetherini, but Bock (1994) indicated that the name Picoidini has priority. Many authors divide the Picoides species between two genera, Picoides and Dendrocopos.

<==Picoidini [Dendrodrocopini]
    |--Campethera Gray 1837 [Campetherini] B94
    |    |--C. abingoni [incl. Dendrobates striatus Layard 1871] B93
    |    |--C. bennettii B93
    |    |    |--C. b. bennettii B93
    |    |    `--C. b. buysi Winterbottom 1966 B93
    |    `--C. nivosa FP64
    `--Picoides Lacépède 1799 M02 (see below for synonymy)
         |--P. borealis C98 [=Dendrocopos borealis USDI77]
         |--P. canicapillus VP89
         |--P. kizuki [=Dendrocopos kizuki] T89
         |--P. leucotos VP89 [=Dendrocopos leucotos I92]
         |    |--P. l. leucotos I92
         |    `--‘Dendrocopos’ l. owstoni (Ogawa 1905) I92
         |--‘Dendrocopos’ mahrattensis S02
         |--P. major (Linnaeus 1758) [=Picus major, Dendrocopos major; incl. D. major submajor Jánossy 1974] M02
         |    |--P. m. major VP89
         |    `--‘Dendrocopos’ m. mandarinus VP89
         |--P. medius (Linnaeus 1758) [=Picus medius, Dendrocopos medius; incl. D. praemedius Jánossy 1974] M02
         |--P. minor CM07 [=Dendrocopos minor WBSJ82]
         |--‘Dendrocopos’ nanus RD02
         |--P. pubescens YH01 [=Dendrocopos pubescens FP64, Dryobates pubescens CM07]
         |--P. syriacus [=Dendrocopos syriacus] CM07
         |--P. tridactylus I92
         |    |--P. t. tridactylus I92
         |    `--P. t. inouyei Yamashina 1943 I92
         `--‘Dendrocopos’ villosus FP64

Picoides Lacépède 1799 M02 [incl. Apternus Swainson 1837 B94, Dendrocopos Koch 1816 M02, Dryobates Boie 1826 B94; Apternini, Dendrocopini, Dryobatini]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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