Willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus, photographed by Jørgen Dam.

Belongs within: Sylvioidea.

Phylloscopus, the leaf-warblers, is a genus of small insectivorous birds found in Eurasia and Africa. Most Phylloscopus species are predominantly green or brown and may be difficult to distinguish by their appearance alone, though most have distinctive calls.

<==Phylloscopus Boie 1826 M02 [incl. Phyllopneuste Boie 1828 B94; Phyllopneustinae, Phylloscopinae]
    |  i. s.: P. brehmii HK02
    |         P. canariensis HK02
    |         P. davisoni VP89
    |           |--P. d. davisoni VP89
    |           `--P. d. ogilviegranti VP89
    |         P. plumbeitarsus VP89
    |         P. reguloides VP89
    |           |--P. r. reguloides VP89
    |           `--P. r. fokiensis VP89
    |         P. ricketti VP89
    |         P. subaffinis VP89
    |         P. tenellipes VP89
    |--+--P. trochiloides JF06
    |  `--+--P. chloronotus JF06
    |     |--+--P. bonelli JF06
    |     |  `--P. sibilatrix (Bechstein 1793) JF06, M02 [=Motacilla sibilatrix M02]
    |     |--+--+--P. inornatus JF06
    |     |  |  `--P. proregulus JF06 [=Reguloides proregulus S89]
    |     |  `--+--P. maculipennis JF06
    |     |     `--P. pulcher JF06
    |     `--+--P. fuscatus JF06
    |        |--P. schwarzi JF06
    |        `--+--P. affinis JF06
    |           |--P. collybita JF06
    |           |    |--P. c. collybita HK02
    |           |    |--P. c. abietinus HK02
    |           |    |--P. c. falvescens HK02
    |           |    `--P. c. tristis VP89
    |           `--P. trochilus JF06 [=Phyllopneuste trochilus D66]
    `--+--+--P. borealis JF06
       |  |    |--P. b. borealis VP89
       |  |    `--P. b. xanthodryas VP89
       |  `--P. magnirostris JF06
       `--+--+--P. occipitalis JF06
          |  `--‘Seicercus’ xanthoschistos JF06
          `--+--Seicercus JF06
             |    |--S. burkii JF06
             |    |    |--S. b. burkii VP89
             |    |    `--S. b. valentini VP89
             |    `--+--S. affinis JF06
             |       `--S. poliogenys JF06
             `--+--+--P. coronatus JF06
                |  `--P. ijimae (Stejneger 1892) JF06, I92
                |--+--P. ruficapilla JF06
                |  `--P. umbrovirens JF06
                `--+--‘Seicercus’ montis JF06
                   `--+--‘Seicercus’ castaniceps JF06
                      |    |--S. c. castaniceps VP89
                      |    `--S. c. sinensis VP89
                      `--‘Seicercus’ grammiceps JF06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[VP89] Viney, C., & K. Phillipps. 1989. Birds of Hong Kong 5th ed. Government Printer: Hong Kong.

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