Greater vasa parrot Coracopsis vasa, photographed by Rhett A. Butler.

Belongs within: Psittaciformes.
Contains: Touit, Arini, Poicephalus.

The name Psittacinae has been used with varying degrees of coverage, but generally for more 'generalised' parrot species; most broader usages of 'Psittacinae' are probably para- or polyphyletic. Here, the label is applied to a clade that has been supported by molecular analysis (Kloet & Kloet 2005) containing the African genera Psittacus and Poicephalus and the South American parrots in the Arini. The Madagascan Coracopsis and the New Guinean Psittrichas fulgidus may also belong here.

<==Psittacinae [Psittacini]
    |  i. s.: Conuropsis carolinensis RN72 [=Conurus carolinensis SWK87]
    |         Leptosittaca branickii RN72
    |         Ognorhynchus icterotis RN72
    |         Amoropsittaca aymara RN72
    |         Nannopsittaca panychlora (Salvin & Godman 1883) RN72
    |         Gypopsitta vulturina RN72
    |         Microsittace ferruginea RN72
    |           |--M. f. ferruginea RN72
    |           `--M. f. minor RN72
    |         Pionopsitta RN72
    |           |--P. barrabandi RN72
    |           |--P. caica RN72
    |           |--P. haematotis RN72
    |           |    |--P. h. haematotis RN72
    |           |    |--P. h. coccinicollaris RN72
    |           |    `--P. h. pulchra RN72
    |           |--P. pileata RN72
    |           `--P. pyrilia RN72
    |         Hapalopsittaca RN72
    |           |--H. amazonina RN72
    |           |    |--H. a. amazonina RN72
    |           |    `--H. a. theresae RN72
    |           |--H. fuertesi RN72
    |           |--H. melanotis RN72
    |           |    |--H. m. melanotis RN72
    |           |    `--H. m. peruviana RN72
    |           `--H. pyrrhops RN72
    |         Touit RN72
    |         Xenopsitta Mlíkovský 1998 MG04
    |           `--*X. fejfari Mlíkovský 1998 M02
    |--+--Arini KK05
    |  `--+--Poicephalus KK05
    |     `--Psittacus Linnaeus 1758 KK05, B94
    |          |--P. erithacus KK05
    |          |    |--P. e. erithacus RN72
    |          |    |--P. e. princeps RN72
    |          |    `--P. e. timneh RN72
    |          |--P. niger S66
    |          `--P. obscurus S66
    `--+--Psittrichas Lesson 1831 KK05, B94 (see below for synonymy)
       |    `--P. fulgidus KK05
       `--Coracopsis Wagler 1832 KK05, B94 [Coracopsini]
            |--C. nigra RN72
            |    |--C. n. nigra RN72
            |    |--C. n. barklyi RN72
            |    |--C. n. libs RN72
            |    `--C. n. sibilans RN72
            `--C. vasa KK05
                 |--C. v. vasa RN72
                 |--C. v. comorensis RN72
                 `--C. v. drouhardi RN72

Psittrichas Lesson 1831 KK05, B94 [incl. Dasyptilus Wagler 1832 B94; Dasyptilinae, Psittrichadinae, Psittrichadini]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[KK05] Kloet, R. S. de, & S. R. de Kloet. 2005. The evolution of the spindlin gene in birds: sequence analysis of an intron of the spindlin W and Z gene reveals four major divisions of the Psittaciformes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 36: 706-721.

[MG04] Mayr, G., & U. B. Göhlich. 2004. A new parrot from the Miocene of Germany, with comments on the variation of hypotarsus morphology in some Psittaciformes. Belgian Journal of Zoology 134: 476-54.

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