Clonograptus persistens, from Museum Victoria, photographed by Rodney Start.

Belongs within: Graptoloida.
Contains: Dimorphograptidae, Lasiograptidae, Climacograptus, Sinograptidae, Sigmagraptidae, Didymograptus, Dichograptinae, Reclinata.

The Eugraptoloida is a clade of planktonic graptolites united by the loss of bithecae in the stipes, defined by Maletz et al. (2009) as the smallest clade containing Nicholsonograptus fasciculatus and Exigraptus uniformis. The two basal branches within this clade are the Pan-Reclinata, with symmetrical proximal branching, and the Sinograpta, in which the proximal branches are often highly asymmetrical (Maletz et al. 2009).

<==Eugraptoloida (see below for synonymy)
    |--Sinograpta [Pan-Sinograpta] MCM09
    |    |  i. s.: Hunnegraptus copiosus MCM09
    |    |         Paradelograptus MCM09
    |    |           |--P. mosseboensis MCM09
    |    |           `--P. onubensis Erdtmann, Maletz & Gutiérrez-Marco 1987 MCM09
    |    |--Sinograptidae MCM09
    |    |--Sigmagraptidae MCM09
    |    |--Kinnegraptus Skoglund 1961 B70 [Kinnegraptidae MCM09]
    |    |    `--*K. kinnekullensis Skoglund 1961 B70
    |    `--Abrograptidae [Abrograptinae] MCM09
    |         |--Abrograptus Mu 1958 [incl. Parabrograptus Mu & Qiao 1962] B70
    |         |    `--*A. formosus Mu 1958 B70
    |         |--Dinemagraptus Kozłowski 1952 B70
    |         |    `--*D. warkae Kozłowski 1952 B70
    |         |--Jiangshanites Mu & Qiao 1962 B70
    |         |    |--*J. ramosus Mu & Qiao 1962 B70
    |         |    `--J. dubius MCM09
    |         `--Reteograptus Hall 1859 B90, B70 [=Retiograptus (l. c.) B70; incl. Clathrograptus Lapworth 1873 B70]
    |              |--*R. geinitzianus Hall 1859 B70 [=Clathograptus geinitzianus F71]
    |              |--*Clathrograptus’ cuneiformis Lapworth 1873 B70
    |              `--R. yassensis Sherrard & Kebble 1937 F71
    `--Pan-Reclinata [Dichograptidae] MCM09
         |  i. s.: Tristichograptus Jackson & Bulman 1970 [incl. Trigonograptus Nicholson 1869, Trigonograpsus] B70
         |           |--*T. ensiformis (Hall 1859) [=Graptolithus ensiformis] B70
         |           `--*Trigonograpsus’ lanceolatus Nicholson 1869 B70
         |         Didymograptus B70
         |         Atopograptus Harris 1926 B70
         |           `--*A. woodwardi Harris 1926 B70
         |         Cardiograptus Harris & Keble 1916 B70
         |           |--*C. morsus Harris & Keble 1916 B70
         |           `--C. crawfordi C73
         |         Janograptus Tullberg 1880 B70
         |           `--*J. laxatus Tullberg 1880 B70
         |         Parazygograptus Kozłowski 1954 B70
         |           `--*P. erraticus Kozłowski 1954 B70
         |         Yutagraptus MCM09
         |--Clonograptus Hall ex Nicholson 1873 MCM09, B70 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--*C. rigidus (Hall 1858) [=Graptolithus rigidus, Clonograpsus rigidus] B70
         |    |--C. callavei B70
         |    |--C. flexilis MCM09
         |    |--C. magnificus FC86
         |    |--‘Graptolithus’ milesi Hall 1861 [=*Herrmannograptus milesi] B70
         |    |--C. persistens FC86
         |    `--C. tenellus B70
         `--+--Dichograptinae MCM09
            `--+--+--Reclinata MCM09
               |  `--Aulograptus Skevington 1965 MCM09, B70
               |       |--*A. cucullus (Bulman 1932) [=Didymograptus cucullus] B70
               |       `--A. climacograptoides [=Didymograptus climacograptoides] B70
               `--+--Xiphograptus MCM09
                  |    |--X. formosus FC86
                  |    `--X. lofuensis MCM09
                  `--+--+--Acrograptus MCM09
                     |  `--Didymograptellus MCM09
                     |       |--D. bifidus MCM09
                     |       `--D. nitidus Hall 1858 MCM09
                     `--+--Trichograptus Nicholson 1876 FC86, B70
                        |    `--*T. fragilis (Nicholson 1869) [=Dichograptus fragilis] B70
                        `--Pterograptus Holm 1881 MCM09, B70
                             |--*P. elegans Holm 1881 [incl. Graptolithus gracilis Kjerulf 1865 non Hall 1848] B70
                             `--P. scanicus B70

Eugraptoloida incertae sedis:
  Pseudazygograptus Mu, Lee & Geh 1960 B70
    `--*P. incurvus (Ekström 1937) B70 [=Azygograptus incurvus FC86]
  Peiragraptus Strachan 1954 [Peiragraptidae, Peiragraptinae] B70
    `--*P. fallax Strachan 1954 B70
  Dimorphograptidae B70
  Lasiograptidae B70
  Orthograptidae FC86
    |--Climacograptus FC86
    |--‘Glyptograptus’ austrodentatus FC86
    |    |--G. a. austrodentatus B70
    |    `--G. a. oelandicus B70
    `--Orthograptus Lapworth 1873 (see below for synonymy) B70
         |--*O. quadrimucronatus (Hall 1865) [=Graptolithus quadrimucronatus] B70
         |--O. apiculatus FC86 [=Diplograptus (Orthograptus) apiculatus F71]
         |--O. calcaratus [=Diplograptus (Orthograptus) calcaratus; incl. D. (O.) c. var. basilicus] F71
         |    |--O. c. calcaratus F71
         |    `--O. c. vulgatus F71
         |--*Dittograptus’ fortuitus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968 B70
         |--O. gracilis FC86 [=Diplograptus gracilis K48]
         |--O. pageanus [incl. O. pageanus var. abnormispinosus] F71
         |--O. truncatus (Lapworth 1876) B70 (see below for synonymy)
         `--O. vesiculosus B79
  Anomalograptus Clark 1924 B70
    `--*A. reliquus Clark 1924 B70

Clonograptus Hall ex Nicholson 1873 MCM09, B70 [=Clonograpsus Hall & Nicholson 1873 B70; incl. Herrmannograptus Monsen 1937 B70]

Eugraptoloida [Dichograptacea, Dichograptina, Didymograpti, Diplograptacea, Diplograptina, Goniograpti, Leptograptina, Phyllograptidae, Virgellina]

Orthograptus Lapworth 1873 [incl. Dittograptus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968, Rectograptus Přibyl 1949] B70

Orthograptus truncatus (Lapworth 1876) B70 [=Diplograptus pristis var. truncatus B70, *Rectograptus truncatus B70; incl. D. (Orthograptus) truncatus var. pauperatus F71]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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