Fossil of Pholidophorus bechei in the Urwelt-Museum Hauff Holzmaden, photographed by Ghedoghedo.

Belongs within: Actinopteri.
Contains: Pachycormidae, Teleocephala.

The Teleostei are a clade including the majority of living ray-finned fishes. Teleosts are characterised by the presence of one or more uroneurals, modifications of the vertebral neural arches that support the caudal fin (Bond 1996).

Synapomorphies (from Friedman et al. 2010): Internal carotid foramen present through parasphenoid; symplectic articulation on inner medial surface of quadrate; uroneurals present; pectoral propterygium fused to first pectoral fin-ray.

Teleostei [Archaeophylaces, Isospondyli, Malacopterygii, Teleosteomorpha]
    |  i. s.: Ascalabos voithii S02, FS10
    |         Telestes pleurobipunctatus KKV03
    |         Membras martinicus K-M02
    |         Araripichthys KM03
    |         Tselfatoidiformes B96
    |         Platypoecilus maculatus D37
    |         Orthogonikleithrus hoelii FS10
    |--+--Pachycormidae FS10
    |  `--Dapedium [Dapediidae] A01
    `--+--Pholidophoriformes B96
       |    |--Seefeldia watsoni D01
       |    |--Pholidolepis africana D01
       |    `--Pholidophorus [Pholidophoridae] FS10
       |         |--P. bechei FS10
       |         |--P. germanicus FS10
       |         |--P. latisculus A01
       |         `--P. macrocephalus FS10
       `--+--Leptolepidae [Leptolepidiformes] D01
          |    |--Proleptolepis Nybelin 1974 D01
          |    |    |--P. elongata D01
          |    |    |--P. furcata D01
          |    |    `--P. megalops D01
          |    `--Leptolepis A01
          |         |--L. coryphaenoides D01
          |         |--L. normandica D01
          |         `--L. talbragarensis Woodward 1895 [incl. L. gregarius Woodward 1895, L. lowei Woodward 1895] F71
          `--+--Varasichthyidae A01
             `--+--Xiphactinus Leidy 1870 B96, FS10 [Ichthyodectiformes A01]
                `--Teleocephala A01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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