Peruvispira robusta, from Waterhouse (1963).

Belongs within: Vetigastropoda.

The Neilsoniinae are a group of relatively high-spired gastropods with a labral slit, known from the Lower Carboniferous to Upper Permian (Knight et al. 1960).

<==Neilsoniinae [Neilsoniini]
    |--Neilsonia Thomas 1940 BR05
    |    `--*N. roscobiensis Thomas 1940 KC60
    |--Apachella Winters 1956 W63
    |    `--*A. translirata Winters 1956 KC60
    |--Carinella Waterhouse 1963 W63
    |    `--*C. bicarinata Waterhouse 1963 W63
    |--‘Pagodina’ Wanner 1942 nec van Beneden 1853 nec Stabile 1864 KC60
    |    `--*P. typus Wanner 1942 KC60
    |--Pareuryalox Haas 1953 KC60
    |    `--*P. perornata Haas 1953 KC60
    |--Planikeeneia Fletcher 1958 F71, KC60
    |    |--*P. minor Etheridge 1898 KC60, F71
    |    |--P. depressum (Dana 1849) [=Platyschisma depressum; incl. Plat. allandalensis] F71
    |    |--P. insculpta Fletcher 1958 F71
    |    `--P. occasa Fletcher 1958 [incl. Platyschisma rotundatum var. farleyensis Etheridge 1919] F71
    `--Peruvispira Chronic 1949 W63, PE02 [incl. Pleurocinctosa Fletcher 1958 W63]
         |  i. s.: *P. delicata Chronic 1949 PE02
         |         P. allandalensis (Fletcher 1958) [=Pleurocinctosa allandalensis] F71
         |         P. alticonica Wang & Xi 1980 PE02
         |         P. incerta [=Pagodina incerta] W63
         |         P. jucunda Pan & Erwin 2002 PE02
         |         P. kempseyensis W63
         |         P. lingshuiensis Pan 1985 PE02
         |         P. nuda (Dana 1849) [=Pleurocinctosa nuda] F71
         |         P. turrita Yu in Wang & Xi 1980 PE02
         |         P. umariensis (Reed 1928) W63
         |--+--P. allandalensis (Fletcher 1958) W63
         |  `--P. trifilata Dana 1847 W63 (see below for synonymy)
         `--+--P. elegans (Fletcher 1958) [=Pleurocinctosa elegans] W63
            `--+--P. robusta Waterhouse 1963 W63
               `--+--P. imbricata Waterhouse 1963 W63
                  |    |--P. i. imbricata W63
                  |    `--P. i. alta Waterhouse 1963 W63
                  |--P. modesta Waterhouse 1963 W63
                  `--P. volupta Waterhouse 1963 W63

Peruvispira trifilata Dana 1847 W63 [=Pleurotomaria trifilata KC60, *Pleurocinctosa trifilata KC60; incl. Pleurotomaria morrisiana W63]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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