Clear sundail Architectonica perspectiva, copyright Nick Hobgood.

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.

The Architectonicoidea are a group of marine gastropods uniting the Architectonicidae with related fossil families. The Architectonicidae, sundails, have discoidal or depressed-conical shells with a rather flat base, often with a very widely open umbilicus within which the coiled whorls are visible, and a sculpture of beaded spiral and radial ribs (Wilson & Gillett 1971). Fossil relatives include the Middle Triassic Amphitomaria cassiana which has a discoidal shell with a slightly concave outer whorl face bordered by well-defined carinae (Knight et al. 1960).

<==Architectonicoidea [Architectonicacea]
    |--Anomalorbidae B02
    |--Cassianaxis Bandel 1994 [Cassianaxidae] BR05
    |    `--*C. riedeli Bandel 1994 BR17
    |--Amphitomaria Koken 1897 [Amphitomariidae] BR05
    |    `--*A. cassiana (Koken 1889) [=Euomphalus cassianus, Discohelix (*Amphitomaria) cassiana] KC60
    `--Architectonicidae [Architectomidae, Architectonicinae, Heliacidae, Solariacea, Solariadae, Solariidae] BR05
         |--Rinaldoconchus ampezzanus (Zardini 1980) TTE93
         |--Teretropoma Rochebrune 1881 [Teretropomatinae, Teretropomidae] BR05
         |    `--*T. perrieri Rochebrune 1881 BR17
         |--Pseudomalaxis Fischer 1885 [Pseudomalaxidae, Pseudomalaxinae] BR05
         |    `--*P. zanclaea (Philippi 1844) [=Bifrontia zanclaea] BR17
         |--Mangonuia Mestayer 1930 [Mangonuidae, Mangonuiidae] BR05
         |    `--*M. bollonsi Mestayer 1930 P61
         |--Grandeliacus Iredale 1957 WG71
         |    `--G. moretensenae Iredale 1957 WG71
         |--Wangaloa Finlay 1927 F27b
         |    `--*W. plana (Marshall 1917) (see below for synonymy) F27b
         |--Episcynia Mörch 1878 F27b
         |    `--*E. inornata [=Solarium inornatum] F27b
         |--Awarua Mestayer 1930 P61
         |    `--*A. amoena (Murdoch & Suter 1906) P61 [=Omalaxis amoena P61, Heliacus amoenus F27a]
         |--Philippia Gray 1847 [Philippiinae] BR05
         |    |--*P. lutea (Lamarck 1822) [=Solarium luteum] P61
         |    |--P. manifesta Iredale 1931 P61
         |    `--P. radiata (Röding 1798) WG71
         |--Torinia Gray 1842 (nom. rej.) [Toriniacea, Toriniidae, Toriniinae] BR05
         |    |--*T. cylindracea (Dillwyn 1817) [=Trochus cylindraceus] BR17
         |    |--T. caelata (Hinds 1844) [=Solarium caelatum] H09
         |    |--T. dorsuosa (Hinds 1844) [=Solarium dorsuosum] H09
         |    |--T. rotundata C64
         |    `--T. variegata (Gmelin 1791) WG71 (see below for synonymy)
         |--Heliacus d’Orbigny 1842 [Heliacinae] BR05
         |    |--*H. heberti (Deshayes 1830) [=Solarium heberti] BR17
         |    |--H. caelatus (Hinds 1844) PP78
         |    |--H. imperfectus (n. d.) F27a
         |    |--H. maorianus Powell 1934 P61
         |    `--H. stamineus (Gmelin 1791) [incl. H. variegatus (Gmelin 1791)] F27a
         `--Architectonica Röding 1798 [=Architectoma (l. c.), Solarium Lamarck 1799; Solariinae] BR05
              |--*A. perspectiva (Linnaeus 1758) P61, WG71 [=Trochus perspectivus P61, T. (Solarium) perspectivus G20]
              |    |--A. p. perspectiva WG71
              |    `--A. p. fressa Iredale 1936 WG71
              |--‘Solarium’ acutum Conrad 1860 F27b
              |--A. aucklandica (Marshall 1918) [=Heliacus aucklandicus] F27a
              |--A. balcombensis Finlay 1927 [=Solarium acutum Tenison-Woods 1879 non Conrad 1860] F27b
              |--‘Solarium’ bicanaliculatum Valenciennes 1833 C64
              |--‘Solarium’ granulatum [incl. S. quadriceps, S. verrucosum] C64
              |--A. hybrida (Linnaeus 1758) [=Trochus hybridus] H09
              |--‘Solarium’ implexum Mighels 1845 J49
              |--A. inornata Gabb 1864 F27b
              |--A. marwicki Allan 1926 F27a
              |--A. maxima Philippi 1848 WG71
              |--‘Solarium’ mighelsi Philippi 1853 [=S. cyclostomum Mighels 1845 non Menke 1930] J49
              |--A. ngaparaensis Suter 1917 F27a
              |--A. perdix (Hinds 1844) WG71 [=Solarium perdix H09]
              |--‘Solarium’ placentale [incl. S. placentula] C64
              |--A. plana (Seeley 1861) [=Solarium planum] F27b
              |--A. reevei Hanley 1862 [incl. A. offlexa Iredale 1931] WG71
              |--A. straminea (Gmelin 1791) [=Trochus stramineus] H09
              |--‘Solarium’ tesselatum G79
              |--A. trilineatum (Conrad 1841) P12
              `--‘Solarium’ wannonensis Tenison-Woods 1878 F71

Torinia variegata (Gmelin 1791) WG71 [=Trochus variegatus H09, Solarium variegatum C64; incl. Torinia areola C64, To. perspectiviuncula (nom. inv.) C64]

*Wangaloa plana (Marshall 1917) [=Omalaxis planus; incl. Architectonica inornata Marshall 1917 non Gabb 1864] F27b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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