Colubraria muricata, copyright G. & Ph. Poppe.

Belongs within: Muricoidea.

The Colubrariidae, dwarf tritons, are a group of small gastropods found in warm, shallow waters. Members of the genus Colubraria lack a radula, though a minute rachiglossate radula is present in members of the genus Metula (Bouchet 1988). Colubraria species use their long and thin proboscis to feed on the blood of resting or slow-moving fish.

Characters (from Wilson & Gillett 1971): Shell long, narrow, fusiform, with strong varices, granulose or nodulose sculpture, and usually a calloused and reflected columella. Anterior canal short and up-turned; posterior canal represented by weak notch only at posterior end of aperture. Operculum horny, with terminal nucleus.

    |--Metula Adams & Adams 1853 ZLK11, B88 [incl. Bartschia Rehder 1943 B88]
    |    |--*M. clathrata (Adams & Reeve 1850) [=Buccinum clathratum, M. knudseni Kilburn 1975] B88
    |    |--M. africana Bouchet 1988 [incl. M. clathrata Knudsen 1956 non Buccinum clathratum Adams & Reeve 1850] B88
    |    |--M. amosi Vanatta 1913 B88
    |    |--M. boswellae Kilburn 1975 ES88
    |    |--M. crosnieri Bouchet 1988 B88
    |    |--M. cumingi (Adams 1853) B88
    |    |--M. mitraeformis (Brocchi 1814) B88
    |    `--M. significans (Rehder 1943) [=*Bartschia significans] B88
    |--Colubraria Schumacher 1817 [Colubrariinae] BR05
    |    |--C. antiquata (Hinds 1844) [=Triton antiquata] H09
    |    |--C. castanea Kuroda & Habe 1952 MG-H11
    |    |--C. maculosa Gmelin 1791 WG71
    |    |--C. muricata (Lightfoot 1786) BW09
    |    |--C. obscura ZLK11
    |    |--C. reticulata ZLK11
    |    |--C. (Colubraria) siphonata (Reeve 1844) PP78
    |    |--C. tessellata (Reeve 1844) [=Triton tessellata] H09
    |    `--C. tortuosa Reeve 1844 WG71
    `--Fusus Helbling 1779 (nom. rej.) [Fusidae] BR05
         |--*F. reticulatus P61
         |--F. brazieri (Angas 1869) MG-H11
         |--F. cancellatus Mighels & Adams 1842 J49
         |--F. colosseus F66
         |--F. corrugatus Reeve 1848 F27
         |--F. exilis Menke 1843 F27
         |--F. hexagonalis Tate 1888 F27
         |--F. ino Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
         |--F. longicauda H04
         |--F. marmoratus P71
         |--F. mestayerae Iredale 1915 P61
         |--F. spinifer Bellardi 1873 F27
         |--F. styliformis Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
         `--F. veneratus K79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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