Trophon geversianum, copyright Femorale.

Belongs within: Muricidae.

Trophon is a genus of marine gastropods found mostly in deepish boreal waters (Oldroyd 1927). The type species T. geversianum is found around the southern coast of South America where it is harvested for food. The operculum is subtetragonal in T. geversianum but oval in members of the subgenus Trophonopsis.

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell rather strong, fusiform, spire produced, whorls rough, with lamellar varices, their interstices often lirally sulcated; mouth produced below into narrow canal; no teeth or plaits on pillar lip. Operculum corneous, unguicular; nucleus terminal.

<==Trophon Montfort 1810 BR05 [=Muricidea Swainson 1840 RD75]
    |--T. (Trophon) geversianum (Pallas 1774) F26, RD75 (see below for synonymy)
    |--T. (Acanthotrophon Hertlein & Strong 1951) RD75
    |    `--T. (*A.) sorensoni Hertlein & Strong 1951 RD75
    |--T. (Austrotrophon Dall 1902) O27, RD75
    |    |--T. (*A.) cerrosensis Dall 1891 RD75
    |    |--T. (A.) catalinensis Oldroyd 1927 O27
    |    `--T. (A.) triangulatus Carpenter 1864 O27
    |--T. (Trophonopsis Bucquoy & Dautzenberg 1882) O27, RD75 [=Chalmon de Gregorio 1885 RD75]
    |    |--T. (*T.) muricatus (Montagu 1803) [=Murex muricatus, T. (*Chalmon) muricatus] RD75
    |    |--T. (T.) apolyonis Dall 1919 O27
    |    |--T. (T.) kamchatkanus Dall 1902 O27
    |    |--T. (T.) lasius Dall 1919 O27
    |    |--T. (T.) tenuisculptus Carpenter 1866 O27
    |    |--T. (T.) tolomius Dall 1919 O27
    |    `--T. (T.) tripherus Dall 1902 O27
    `--T. (Zacatrophon Hertlein & Strong 1951) BC01
         `--T. (*Z.) beebei Hertlein & Strong 1951 [=Trophon (Boreotrophon) beebei] BC01

Trophon incertae sedis:
  ‘Muricidea’ alveata C64
  T. bervicensis N79
  ‘Muricidea’ californica C64
  T. crassus C64
  T. craticulatus N79
  T. crispus Borson 1820 F27
  ‘Muricidea’ dubia C64
  T. fimbriatula C64
  T. incomptus Gould 1860 C64
  T. laciniatum C64
  T. macquariensis Powell 1957 [incl. T. declinans Tomlin 1948 non Watson 1882] P61
  T. mawsoni Powell 1957 [incl. T. albolabratus Hedley 1916 non Smith 1875] P61
  T. polyphyllia Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
  T. succinctus Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
  T. truncatus CS77 [=Buccinum truncatum J64, T. clathratus var. truncatus N79; incl. Murex bamffius J64]
  T. umzambiensis Kiel & Bandel 2003 BD12
  ‘Muricidea’ vibex C64

Trophon (Trophon) geversianum (Pallas 1774) F26, RD75 [=Buccinum geversianus RD75; incl. Murex magellanicus Gmelin 1791 RD75, BR17, *Muricidea magellanica RD75, *Trophon magellanicus RD75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 18 December 2021.

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