Strawberry top shell Tectus conus, copyright J. C. Schou.

Belongs within: Trochoidea.
Contains: Clanculus, Micrelenchus, Cantharidus, Trochus, Gibbula, Monodonta, Diloma, Thalotia.

The Trochinae are a group of marine gastropods with conical, turbiniform or littoriniform shells in which the aperture commonly has strongly discordant lips, with the outer lip prosocline (Knight et al. 1960, in which Trochinae as used here is divided between Trochinae and Monodontinae).

<==Trochinae [Trochidia, Trochininae]
    |  i. s.: Clanculus F27
    |         Micrelenchus F27
    |--Cantharidini [Cantharidinae, Canthiridina] BR05
    |    |--Cantharidus BR05
    |    `--Phasianotrochus Fischer 1885 KC60
    |         |--P. eximius (Perry 1811) WG71 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--P. apicinus M54
    |         |--P. bellulus M54
    |         `--P. irisodontes M54
    |--Trochini BR05
    |    |--Trochus BR05
    |    `--Tectus Montfort 1810 WG71, F27 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |  i. s.: T. niloticus Linnaeus 1767 BW09
    |         |         T. pyramis (Born 1778) BW09 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |         T. triserialis (Lamarck 1822) BW09
    |         |--*T. (Tectus) mauritianus (Gmelin 1791) [=Trochus mauritianus] KC60
    |         |--T. (Cardinalia Gray 1847) KC60
    |         |    `--T. (*C.) virgatus (Gmelin 1791) [=Trochus virgatus] KC60
    |         `--T. (Rochia Gray 1857) KC60
    |              `--T. (R.) conus (Gmelin 1791) (see below for synonymy) KC60
    `--Monodontini [Gibbulinae, Monodontinae] BR05
         |--Gibbula BR05
         |--Monodonta BR05
         |--Diloma KC60
         |--Thalotia KC60
         |--Praelittorina Kutassy 1937 KC60
         |    `--*P. triadica Kutassy 1937 KC60
         |--Ozodochilus Cossmann 1918 KC60
         |    `--*O. subfilosus (Buvignier 1852) [=Trochus subfilosus] KC60
         |--Cochleochilus Cossmann 1918 KC60
         |    `--*C. cottaldinus (d’Orbigny 1853) [=Trochus cottaldinus] KC60
         |--Islipia Cox & Arkell 1950 KC60
         |    `--*I. lycetti (Lycett 1863) [=Monodonta lycetti] KC60
         |--Michaletia Cossmann 1904 KC60
         |    `--*M. semigranulata Cossmann 1904 KC60
         |--Chrysostoma Swainson 1840 KC60
         |    `--C. paradoxum (Born 1780) (see below for synonymy) KC60
         |--Jujubinus Monterosato 1884 [incl. Manotrochus Fischer 1885, Mirulinus Monterosato 1917] KC60
         |    `--J. exasperatus (Pennant 1777) (see below for synonymy) KC60
         |--Lesperonia Tournouër 1874 KC60
         |    `--*L. princeps Tournouër 1874 KC60
         |--Pachydontella Marwick 1948 KC60
         |    `--*P. etiampicta Marwick 1948 KC60
         |--Pictiformes Kolesnikov 1939 KC60
         |    `--*P. mamilla (Andrzejowski 1830) [=Monodonta mamilla] KC60
         |--Turcicula Dall 1881 KC60
         |    `--*T. imperialis (Dall 1881) [=Margarita imperialis] KC60
         |--Buckmanina Cossmann 1920 [=Brasilia Cossmann 1918 non Buckman 1898 nec Clarke 1913] KC60
         |    `--*B. erinus (d’Orbigny 1853) [=Turbo erinus] KC60
         |--Calliovarica Vokes 1939 KC60
         |    `--*C. eocensis Vokes 1939 KC60
         |--Cittarium Philippi 1847 [=Livona Gray 1847, Melagris Montfort 1810 non Linnaeus 1758] KC60
         |    `--*C. pica (Linné 1758) [=Turbo pica, *Livona pica, *Meleagris pica] KC60
         |--Houdasia Cossmann 1902 KC60
         |    `--*H. splendens Cossmann 1902 KC60
         |--Nanula Thiele 1924 KC60
         |    `--*N. tasmanica (Petterd 1879) KC60 [=Gibbula tasmanica KC60, Margarita tasmanica F27]
         |--Norrisia Bayle 1880 [=Trochiscus Sowerby 1838 non Heyden 1826] KC60
         |    `--*N. norrisi (Sowerby 1838) KC60 [=*Trochiscus norrisi KC60; incl. Turbo rotelliformis Jay 1839 BC01]
         |--Phorculus Cossmann 1888 KC60
         |    `--*P. fraterculus (Deshayes 1863) [=Turbo fraterculus] KC60
         |--Trochinella Iredale 1937 KC60
         |    `--*T. perconfusa Iredale 1937 KC60
         |--Bathybembix Crosse 1892 KC60, BC01 [=Bembix Watson 1879 non Fabricius 1775 KC60]
         |    |  i. s.: B. bairdii (Dall 1889) [=Turcicula bairdii] BC01
         |    |--*B. (Bathybembix) aeola (Watson 1879) [=*Bembix aeola] KC60
         |    `--B. (Ginebis Otuka 1942) KC60
         |         `--B. (*G.) argenteonitens (Lischke 1872) [=Trochus argenteonitens] KC60
         |--Turcica Adams & Adams 1854 KC60, BR05 [incl. Ptychostylis Gabb 1866 KC60; Turcicinae]
         |    |  i. s.: T. caffea Gabb 1865 O27
         |    |--*T. (Turcica) monilifera Adams 1854 KC60
         |    `--T. (Perrinia Adams & Adams 1854) KC60
         |         `--T. (*P.) angulifera (Adams 1853) [=Monodonta angulifera] KC60
         |--Clelandella Winckworth 1932 KC60
         |    |--C. azorica Gofas 2005 F05
         |    |--C. dautzenbergeri Gofas 2005 F05
         |    |--C. infuscata (Gould 1861) [=Ziziphinus infuscatus, Cantharidus infuscatus] BD86
         |    |--C. madeirensis Gofas 2005 F05
         |    `--C. perforata Gofas 2005 F05
         |--Austrocochlea Fischer 1885 [=Austrochlea Pilsbry 1889] KC60
         |    |--*A. constricta Lamarck 1822 F27, WG71 [=Monodonta (Austrocochlea) constricta F27]
         |    |--A. adelaidea M54
         |    |--A. concamerata Wood 1828 WG71
         |    |--A. rudis Gray 1826 WG71
         |    `--A. zebra F27
         `--Fossarina Adams & Angas 1864 [incl. Minos Hutton 1884] KC60
              |  i. s.: F. rimata (Hutton 1884) F27
              |--*F. (Fossarina) patula Adams & Angas 1864 KC60
              |--F. (Clydonochilus Fischer 1890) KC60
              |    `--F. (*C.) mariei (Fischer 1890) [=*Clydonochilus mariei] KC60
              `--F. (Minopa Iredale 1924) KC60
                   `--F. (*M.) legrandi Petterd 1879 KC60

Chrysostoma paradoxum (Born 1780) [=Helix paradoxa; incl. Turbo nicobaricus Chemnitz 1781 (non-binomial), *Chrysostoma nicobaricum] KC60

Jujubinus exasperatus (Pennant 1777) [=Trochus exasperatus; incl. T. matoni Payraudeau 1827, *Jujubinus matoni] KC60

Phasianotrochus eximius (Perry 1811) WG71 [=Bulimus eximius KC60, Cantharidus (Phasianotrochus) eximius KC60; incl. Trochus badius Wood 1828 KC60, *Phasianotrochus badius KC60]

Tectus Montfort 1810 WG71, F27 [incl. Pyramidea Swainson 1840 KC60, Pyramis Schumacher 1817 non Röding 1798 KC60; Pyramidinae]

Tectus pyramis (Born 1778) BW09 [=Trochus (Tectus) pyramis WG71; incl. Tr. obeliscus Gmelin 1788 WG71]

Tectus (Rochia) conus (Gmelin 1791) [=Trochus conus; incl. Tr. acutangulus (non-binomial), *Rochia acutangula] KC60

*Type species of generic name indicated


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