Sertum rock shell Nassa serta, copyright Jan Delsing.

Belongs within: Rapaninae.

Nassa is a genus of marine gastropods found in the tropical Indo-Pacific, living under stones and coral in intertidal and shallow sublittoral waters. The western Pacific N. serta bears strongly beaded spiral ribs on the shell (Wilson & Gillett 1971).

Characters (from Wilson & Gillett 1971): Ovate, spire moderately high. Whorls rounded. Anterior canal broad, posterior canal not notched into lip but formed behind large opposing denticles on parietal wall and outer lip.

<==Nassa Röding 1798 [incl. Iopas Adams & Adams 1853] RD75
    |--N. serta (Bruguière 1789) WG71 (see below for synonymy)
    |--N. ambigua C64
    |--N. antillarum G79
    |--N. collaria C64
    |--N. complanata [incl. N. scabriuscula, N. wilsoni] C64
    |--N. corniculum D56
    |--N. corpulenta C64
    |--N. elegans Sowerby 1824 M79b
    |--N. fossata M79b (see below for synonymy)
    |--N. francoindica Martin 1919 [=N. ovum Cossmann 1902 (preoc.)] F27
    |--N. francolina (Bruguière 1789) WG71
    |--N. gemmulata F66
    |--N. gibberula PP64
    |--N. incisa [=Clathurella incisa; incl. C. cingulata] H86a
    |--N. incrassata [=Buccinum incrassatum; incl. B. ascanias, B. coccinella, B. macula] J64
    |--N. insculpta Carpenter 1864 C64
    |--N. intermedia [=Alectrion suturalis dunkeri Suter 1908] F26
    |--N. jhoni BBB-S95
    |--N. lunata C64
    |--N. luteostoma H15
    |--N. marginulata [incl. N. australis Adams 1853, N. marginulata var. hepatica] H08
    |--N. mendica [=N. (Tritia) mendica; incl. N. gibbesii, N. interstriata Conrad 1855, N. woodwardi Fbs. 1850] C64
    |--N. moreleti Crosse 1868 M79b
    |--N. nodocincta C64
    |--N. obsoleta D56
    |--N. olivacea F66
    |--N. pagodus [incl. N. acuta, N. canescens, N. decussata] C64
    |--N. panamensis [incl. N. exilis] C64
    |--N. pedroana Conrad 1855 C64
    |--N. perpinguis C64
    |--N. pygmaea PP64
    |--N. reticulata (Linnaeus 1758) CS77, L58 [=Buccinum reticulatum J64]
    |--N. scabriuscula C64
    |--N. stimpsoniana C64
    |--N. taenia F66
    |--N. tatei Tenison-Woods 1878 F71 [incl. N. socialis H86b]
    |--N. tegula C64
    |--N. thersites F66
    |--N. trifasciata [incl. N. rutilans, N. unicolora, N. unicolorata] M79a
    |--N. trivittata C64
    `--N. versicolor [incl. N. crebristriata, N. proxima, N. striata] C64

Nassa fossata M79b [=Buccinum fossatum C64, Tritia fossata M79b; incl. Buccinum elegans Rve. 1842 C64, Nassa elegans non Sowerby 1824 C64, Taphon elegans M79b]

Nassa serta (Bruguière 1789) WG71 [=Buccinum sertum RD75, *Iopas sertum RD75, Purpura sertum RD75; incl. *Nassa picta Röding 1798 RD75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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