Phyllograptus angustifolius elongatus, from here.

Belongs within: Eugraptoloida.
Contains: Tetragraptinae, Isograptus, Bireclinata.

The Reclinata are a clade of graptoloids defined by Maletz et al. (2009) as the smallest clade including Tetragraptus serra and Exigraptus uniformis. Synapomorphies of the clade include the presence of a rutellum on the ventral side of the sicular aperture, serially homologous ventral projections on the proximal thecae (thecal rutellae), and a longer sicula than in outgroup taxa (Maletz et al. 2009).

<==Reclinata MCM09
    |--Tetragrapta [Pan-Tetragrapta] MCM09
    |    |  i. s.: Corymbograptus Obut & Sobolevskaya 1964 MCM09, B70
    |    |           `--*C. v-fractus (Salter 1863) [=Didymograptus v-fractus] B70
    |    |         Pseudotrigonograptus Mu & Lee 1958 MCM09, B70 [Pseudotrigonograptidae, Pseudotrigonograptinae]
    |    |           `--*P. uniformis Mu & Lee 1958 [=Tristichograptus uniformis] B70
    |    |--Tetragraptinae MCM09
    |    `--+--+--Perissograptus pygmaeus (Ruedemann 1904) MCM09
    |       |  `--Phyllograptus Hall 1858 MCM09, B70
    |       |       |--*P. typus Hall 1858 B70
    |       |       |--P. angustifolius B70
    |       |       |    |--P. a. angustifolius J79
    |       |       |    `--P. a. elongatus J79
    |       |       |--P. densus J79
    |       |       `--P. loringi White 1874 W77
    |       `--+--Bryograptus Lapworth 1880 FC86, B70
    |          |    |--*B. kjerulfi Lapworth 1880 B70
    |          |    `--B. patens B70
    |          `--+--Pseudobryograptus Mu 1957 FC86, B70
    |             |    `--*P. parallelus Mu 1957 B70
    |             `--Pendeograptus Bouček & Přibyl 1951 MCM09, B70
    |                  |--*P. pendens (Elles 1898) [=Tetragraptus pendens] B70
    |                  `--P. fruticosus (Hall 1858) MCM09 [=Tetragraptus fruticosus FC86]
    `--Pan-Bireclinata [Glossograptacea] MCM09
         |--Isograptus MCM09
         `--+--Parisograptus caduceus MCM09
            `--Bireclinata MCM09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[W77] White, C. A. 1877. Report upon the invertebrate fossils collected in portions of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, by parties of the expeditions of 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874. U.S. Geographical Surveys West of the One Hundredth Meridian 4 (1): 1–219, pls 1–21.

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