Marbled lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus, photographed by Steve.

Belongs within: Sarcopterygii.

The Dipnomorpha includes the lungfish and their fossil relatives, united by the presence of jointed radials in the pectoral fins. Members of this clade have a fossil record going back to the Early Devonian (Zhu & Yu 2002).

Synapomorphies (from Zhu & Yu 2002): Anterior margin of parietal slightly posterior to orbits; parietal-supraorbital contact absent; denticulated field of parasphenoid with spiracular groove; axis of pectoral fin skeletion with more than five axial elements; pectoral fin radials jointed, axial elements bearing symmetrical array of preaxial and postaxial radials; enamel lining present in pore canals.

    |--Porolepiformes [Porolepimorpha] ZY02
    |    |--Powichthys thorsteinssoni ZY02, S85
    |    |--Holoptychius C02
    |    |--Glyptolepis benedeni C02
    |    `--Porolepis ZY13
    `--+--Youngolepis ZY02
       `--+--Diabolepis ZY02
          `--Dipnoi TC71
               |  i. s.: Melanognathus canadensis TC71
               |         Chirodipterus wildungensis TC71
               |         Holodus TC71
               |         Griphognathus TC71
               |         Ganorhynchus splendens TC71
               |--Uranolophus Denison 1968 TC71
               |    `--U. wyomingensis TC71
               |--+--Speonesydrion TC71
               |  `--Dipnorhynchus TC71
               |       |--*D. sussmilchi (Etheridge 1906) TC71, F71 [=Ganorhynchus sussmilchi F71]
               |       `--D. lehmanni TC71
               `--+--Dipterus TC71
                  |    |--D. oervigi TC71
                  |    |--D. platycephalus TC71
                  |    `--D. valenciennesi TC71
                  |--Phaneropleuridae TC71
                  |    |--Pentlandia macropterus TC71
                  |    |--Phaneropleuron andersoni TC71
                  |    `--Scaumenacia curta TC71
                  |--+--‘Rhinodipterus’ ulrichi TC71
                  |  |--Fleurantia denticulata TC71
                  |  `--+--Soederberghia groenlandica TC71
                  |     |--Oervigia TC71
                  |     `--Jarvikia TC71
                  `--+--Rhinodipterus secans TC71
                     |--+--Tranodis castrensis TC71
                     |  |--Uronemus [Uronemidae, Uronemoidei] TC71
                     |  |    `--U. splendens TC71
                     |  `--Ctenodus Agassiz 1838 TC71, W06 [Ctenodidae, Ctenodontidae, Ctenodontoidei, Sirenoidei]
                     |       |--C. breviceps Woodward 1906 W06
                     |       `--C. cristatus W06
                     `--+--Straitonia waterstoni TC71
                        |--Conchopoma [Conchopomatidae] TC71
                        |    `--C. gadiforme TC71
                        `--+--Sagenodus [Sagenodidae] TC71
                           |--Paraceratodus geramini TC71
                           `--Ceratodontiformes [Ceratodiformes, Lepidosireniformes] TT05
                                |--Ceratodontidae [Ceratodidae] TC71
                                |    |--Neoceratodus forsteri B96
                                |    `--Ceratodus Agassiz 1838 GM01
                                |         `--C. kurri W70
                                |--Lepidosirenidae TC71
                                |    |--Gnathorhiza tatarica Minikh 1989 TT05
                                |    `--Lepidosiren Fitzinger 1837 GM01
                                |         |--L. dissimilis S66
                                |         `--L. paradoxa Fitzinger 1837 GM01
                                `--Protopterus [Protopteridae] B96
                                     |--P. aethiopicus G74
                                     |--P. amphibius B96
                                     |--P. annectans B96
                                     `--P. dolloi B96

Inorganic: Neoceratodus forsteri minilorientalus Okamura 1987 O87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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