Whitecap limpet Acmaea mitra, copyright Mary Jo Adams.

Belongs within: Patellogastropoda.
Contains: Acmaea (Collisella).

The Acmaeidae are a group of conical limpets found in the North Pacific. Living members of the family have a radula with three pairs of uniform lateral teeth (Nakano & Ozawa 2004).

Acmaeidae [Acmaeadae]
    |--Niveotectura Habe 1944 NO04, KC60
    |    `--N. pallida (Gould 1859) NO04
    |--Pectinodonta Dall 1882 [Pectinodontidae, Pectinodontinae] BR05
    |    `--*P. arcuata Dall 1882 KC60
    |--Rhodopetala Dall 1921 [Rhodopetalinae] BR05
    |    `--*R. rosea (Dall 1872) KC60 [=Nacella rosea KC60, Acmaea (Rhodopetala) rosea O27, Helcion (*R.) roseus KC60]
    |--Marbodeia Chelot 1887 [=Guerangeria Cossmann 1885 non Oehlert 1881] KC60
    |    `--*M. clypeola (Eudes-Deslongchamps 1842) [=Patella clypeola, *Guerangeria clypeola] KC60
    |--Hamptoniella Wenz 1938 [=Hamptonia Haber 1932 (n. n.) non Walcott 1920] KC60
    |    `--*H. hamponensis (Morris & Lycett 1851) [=Umbrella hamptonensis] KC60
    |--Potamacmaea Peile 1922 KC60
    |    `--*P. fluviatilis (Blanford 1868) [=Tectura fluviatilis] KC60
    |--Conorhytis Cossmann 1907 KC60
    |    |--*C. squamula (Eudes-Deslongchamps 1863) [=Patella squamula] KC60
    |    `--C. raduloides KC60
    |--Deslongchampsia M’Coy ex Morris & Lycett 1851 KC60
    |    |--*D. appendiculata (Eudes-Deslongchamps 1842) [=Patella appendiculata] KC60
    |    `--D. eugenei KC60
    |--Scurriopsis Gemmellaro 1879 KC60
    |    |--*S. (Scurriopsis) neumayri Gemmellaro 1879 KC60
    |    |--S. (Dietrichiella Haber ex Wenz 1938) KC60
    |    |    `--S. (*D.) kindopensis (Dietrich 1914) [=Patella kindopensis] KC60
    |    `--S. (Hennocquia Haber ex Wenz 1938) KC60
    |         `--S. (*H.) hennocquii (Terquem 1855) [=Patella hennocquii] KC60
    `--Acmaea Eschscholtz 1833 [Acmaeinae] BR05
         |  i. s.: A. alveus O27
         |         A. costata (Sowerby 1839) [=Lottia costata] H09
         |         ‘Notoacmea’ elongata HS01
         |         A. fenestrata S59
         |           |--A. f. fenestrata S59
         |           `--A. f. cribraria S59
         |         ‘Notoacmea’ helmsi [incl. N. helmsi f. scapha] HS01
         |         A. monswoodensis Etheridge 1904 F71
         |         A. spectrum O27
         |         ‘Notoacmea’ subtilis HS01
         |--*A. (Acmaea) mitra Rathke 1833 O27, NO04
         |    |--A. m. mitra O27
         |    `--A. m. funiculata Carpenter 1864 O27
         |--A. (Actinoleuca Oliver 1926) KC60
         |    `--A. (*A.) campbelli (Filhol 1880) [=Patella campbelli] KC60
         |--A. (Asteracmea Oliver 1926) KC60
         |    |--A. (*A.) illibrata (Verco 1906) [=Helcioniscus illibratus] KC60
         |    `--‘Asteracmea’ suteri HS01
         |--A. (Atalacmea Iredale 1915) KC60
         |    `--A. (*A.) fragilis (Sowerby 1823) KC60 [=Patella fragilis KC60; incl. P. unguisalmae Lesson 1830 F27]
         |--A. (Chizacmea Oliver 1926) KC60
         |    `--A. (*C.) flammea (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) KC60 [=Patelloida flammea F27]
         |--A. (Collisella) O27
         |--A. (Collisellina Dall 1871) KC60
         |    `--A. (*C.) saccharina (Linnaeus 1758) [=Patella saccharina] KC60
         |--A. (Conacmea Oliver 1926) KC60
         |    `--A. (*C.) parviconoidea Suter 1907 KC60 [=Notoacmaea (*C.) parviconoidea F27]
         |--A. (Conoidacmaea Habe 1944) KC60
         |    `--A. (*C.) heroldi (Dunker 1861) [=Patella heroldi] KC60
         |--A. (Kikukozara Habe 1944) KC60
         |    `--A. (*K.) langfordi (Habe 1944) [=Collisella (*K.) langfordi] KC60
         |--A. (Naccula Iredale 1924) KC60
         |    `--A. (N.) punctata (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) (see below for synonymy) KC60
         |--A. (Notoacmea Iredale 1915) KC60
         |    `--A. (*N.) pileopsis (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) [=Patelloida pileopsis] KC60
         |--A. (Parvacmea Iredale 1915) KC60
         |    `--A. (*P.) daedala Suter 1907 KC60
         |--A. (Radiacmea Iredale 1915) KC60
         |    |--A. (*R. ) cingulata Hutton 1883 KC60
         |    |--‘Radiacmea’ macquariensis Hedley 1916 F27
         |    `--‘Patella’ inconspicua Gray 1843 [=Cellana inconspicua; incl. Fissurella rubiginosa] F27
         |--A. (Subacmea Oliver 1926) KC60
         |    `--A. (*S.) scopulina (Oliver 1926) [=Notoacmea scopulina] KC60
         `--A. (Thalassacmea Oliver 1926) KC60
              `--A. (*T.) badia (Oliver 1926) [=Notoacmea badia] KC60

Acmaea (Naccula) punctata (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) [=Patelloida punctata; incl. Nacella parva Angas 1878, *Naccula parva] KC60

*Type species of generic name indicated


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