Trivia europaea, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Littorinimorpha.
Contains: Erato.

The Triviidae are a group of small marine gastropods with globular shells similar to those of cowries, but with the apertural teeth continued over the sides and top (Wilson & Gillett 1971).

<==Triviidae [Triviacea]
    |--Eratoinae [Eratoidae, Eratooidea] BR05
    |    |--Erato BR05
    |    |--Johnstrupia Ravn 1933 [Johnstrupiini] BR05
    |    `--Eratotrivia Sacco 1894 [Eratotriviini] BR05
    `--Triviinae BR05
         |--Triviella Jousseaume 1884 [Triviellini] BR05
         |    `--T. memorata Finlay 1927 F27
         |--Pusula Jousseaume 1884 [Pusulini] BR05
         |    |--P. (Pusula) carabus Cate 1979 BC01
         |    `--P. solandri Sowerby 1832 M03
         |--Dolichupis BC01
         |    |--D. akroterion (Cate 1979) [=Pusula (Dolichupis) akroterion] BC01
         |    `--D. zealandica (Kirk 1882) [incl. Ellatrivia flora Marwick 1928] FG12
         `--Trivia Gray 1837 [Triviini] BR05
              |  i. s.: T. californica Gray 1828 O27
              |         T. globosa (Gray 1832) [=Cypraea globosa] H09
              |         T. grando Gaskoin 1848 H09
              |         T. merces HS01
              |         T. minima Tenison-Woods 1879 F71
              |         T. oryza (Lamarck 1810) [incl. Trivirostra boswellae Cate 1979] BC01
              |         T. pellucida Gaskoin 1846 H09
              |         T. pinguior (Marwick 1920) [=Triviella pinguior] F27
              |         T. producta (Gaskoin 1835) [=Cypraea producta] H09
              |         T. radians (Lamarck 1810) [=Cypraea radians] O27
              |         T. ritteri Raymond 1903 O27
              |         T. sanguinea Gray 1832 O27
              |         T. scabriuscula (Gray 1828) [=Cypraea scabriuscula] H09
              |         T. solandri (Gray 1837) [=Cypraea solandri] O27
              |         T. sulcata (Gaskoin 1848) [=Cypraea sulcata] H09
              |         T. vitrea (Gaskoin 1848) [=Cypraea vitrea] H09
              |         T. zelandica (Kirk 1882) [=Triviella zelandica] F27
              `--T. (Trivia) BC01
                   |--*T. (T.) europaea O27
                   |--T. (T.) hispania Cate 1979 BC01
                   `--T. (T.) tortuga Cate 1979 BC01

Triviidae incertae sedis:
  Ellatrivia Iredale 1931 WG71
    |--*E. merces (Iredale 1924) FG12 [=Triviella merces FG12, Trivia australis (Lamarck 1822) (preoc.) F27]
    `--E. goudeyi Fehse & Grego 2012 FG12
  Trivirostra Jousseaume 1884 WG71
    |--T. edgari Shaw 1909 M03
    |--T. oryza Lamarck 1810 WG71
    `--T. thaanumi Cate 1979 BC01
  Trivellona Iredale 1931 FG08
    |--*T. excelsa Iredale 1931 FG08
    |--T. avellanoides (McCoy 1861) FG12
    |--T. crassicostata (Schilder 1935) FG12
    |--T. daphnes (Schilder 1966) FG08
    |--T. darraghi Fehse & Grego 2007 FG12
    |--T. felixlorenzi Fehse & Grego 2012 FG12
    |--T. kendricki Fehse & Grego 2007 FG08, FG12
    |--T. kiiensis (Kuroda & Cate in Cate 1979) FG08
    |--T. lochi Fehse & Grego 2007 FG12
    |--T. opalina (Kuroda & Cate in Cate 1979) FG08
    |--T. subtilis (Schilder 1935) FG08
    |--T. tatei (Schilder 1935) FG08
    `--T. transiens (Schilder 1935) FG08
  Circumscapula iota Cate 1979 BC01
  Hespererato septentrionalis Cate 1977 BC01
  Proterato (Sulcerato) geralia Cate 1977 BC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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