Specimens of Amplexograptus, probably A. perexcavatus, photographed by Mark Wilson.

Belongs within: Bireclinata.

The Diplograptidae are a group of graptoloids known from the Lower Ordovician to the Lower Silurian. Members of this family have a biserial rhabdosome with a symmetrical proximal end (Fortey & Cooper 1986), with the second theca having a right-handed origin from the first theca. They include the distinctive Lower Ordovician genus Dicaulograptus, which possesses a minute rhabdosome with introverted apertures adjacent to long slender spines at the base of the pleural lists (Bulman 1970).

    |--Dicaulograptus Rickards & Bulman 1965 FC86, B70 [Dicaulograptidae]
    |    `--*D. hystrix (Bulman 1932) [=Lasiograptus hystrix] B70
    |--Cystograptus Hundt 1942 B70
    |    |--*C. vesiculosus (Nicholson 1869) [=Diplograpsus vesiculosus; incl. C. speciosus Hundt 1942] B70
    |    `--C. penna B70
    |--Cephalograptus Hopkinson 1869 [=Cephalograpsus] B70
    |    |--*C. cometa (Geinitz 1852) [=Diplograpsus cometa] B70
    |    |--C. acuminatus [=Akidograptus acuminatus] B70
    |    `--C. tubulariformis B70
    |--Petalograptus Suess 1851 [=Diprion Barrande 1850, Petalolithus Suess 1851] B70
    |    |--*P. folium (Hisinger 1837) [=Prionotus folium] B70
    |    |--P. altissimus M79
    |    |--P. insectiformis [=Orthograptus insectiformis] B90
    |    |--P. obuti [=Orthograptus obuti] B90
    |    `--P. speciosus B70
    |--Pseudoclimacograptus Přibyl 1947 B70
    |    |--*P. (Pseudoclimacograptus) scharenbergi (Lapworth 1876) [=Climacograptus scharenbergi] B70
    |    |--P. (Clinoclimacograptus Bulman & Rickards 1968) B70
    |    |    `--P. (*C.) retroversus Bulman & Rickards 1968 B70
    |    `--P. (Metaclimacograptus Bulman & Rickards 1968) B70
    |         `--P. (*M.) hughesi (Nicholson 1869) [=Diplograpsus hughesi] B70
    |--Amplexograptus Elles & Wood 1907 (see below for synonymy) B70
    |    |--*A. perexcavatus (Lapworth 1876) [=Diplograptus perexcavatus] B70
    |    |--A. arctus F71
    |    |--*Comograptus’ comatus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968 B70
    |    |--A. confertus B70
    |    |--*Hedrograptus’ janischewskyi Obut 1949 B70
    |    `--A. maxwelli FC86
    `--Diplograptus M’Coy 1850 [=Diplograpsis; incl. Mesograptus Elles & Wood 1907] B70
         |--*D. pristis (Hisinger 1837) B70 [=Prionotus pristis W77, Graptolithus (Diplograptus) pristis W77]
         |--D. carnei Hall 1902 F71
         |--D. decoratus B70
         |--D. foliaceus (Murchison 1839) [=Graptolithus foliaceus, *Mesograptus foliaceus] B70
         |--D. hypniformis (White 1874) [=Graptolithus (Diplograptus) hypniformis] W77
         |--‘Mesograptus’ ingens F71
         |--D. magnus [=Mesograptus magnus] RG04
         |--D. manduramae Hall 1900 F71
         |--D. maxwelli B70
         `--D. multidens B70

Amplexograptus Elles & Wood 1907 [incl. Comograptus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968, Hedrograptus Obut 1949] B70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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