Anoplotheca venusta, from here.

Belongs within: Rhynchonellata.
Contains: Atrypidae, Lissatrypidae.

The Atrypida are a group of spiralia-bearing brachiopods known from the Middle Ordovician to Upper Devonian. Members of this group may be divided between the Atrypacea, in which the spiralia are directed medially or dorsomedially, and the Dayiacea, in which the spiralia are directed ventrally or laterally, or are planispiral parallel to the median plane. Within the Dayiacea, members of the Dayiidae have smooth shells whereas members of the other families are variously ornamented (Boucot et al. 1965).

Characters (from Boucot et al. 1965, as Atrypidina): Impunctate, mostly biconvex spire-bearing brachiopods, commonly with narrow cardinal margin. Interarea low, obsolescent, or absent. Pedicle-valve beak may be truncated by foramen or foramen may reside within delthyrium. Spiralia directed medially, dorsomedially, or laterally; crura projecting to join primary lamellae of spiralia at posteromedial position, or deflected laterally more or less parallel to plane of commissure to join primary lamellae in posterolateral position; simple jugum commonly present connecting primary lamellae.

<==Atrypida [Atrypidina, Atrypoidea]
    |--Atrypacea BJ65
    |    |  i. s.: Loilemia Reed 1936 BJ65
    |    |           `--*L. proxima Reed 1936 BJ65
    |    |--Atrypidae M03
    |    `--Lissatrypidae BJ65
    `--Dayiacea BJ65
         |--Kayseria Davidson 1882 [Kayseriidae] BJ65
         |--Dayiidae BJ65
         |    |--Aulidospira Williams 1962 [Aulidospiridae, Aulidospirinae] BJ65
         |    |    `--*A. trippi Williams 1962 BJ65
         |    |--Cyclospira Hall & Clarke 1893 [incl. Triplecella Wilson 1932; Cyclospiridae, Cyclospirinae] BJ65
         |    |    |--*C. bisulcata (Emmons 1842) [=Orthis bisulcata] BJ65
         |    |    `--*Triplecella’ duplicata Wilson 1932 BJ65
         |    `--Dayiinae [Dayinae, Protozeugidae] BJ65
         |         |--Dayia Davidson 1881 [=Daya (l. c.) non Bleeker 1877] BJ65
         |         |    `--*D. navicula (Sowerby in Murchison 1839) [=Terebratula navicula] BJ65
         |         `--Protozeuga Twenhofel 1913 BJ65
         |              `--*P. mawei (Davidson 1881) [=Waldheimia mawei] BJ65
         |--Leptocoeliidae BJ65
         |    |--Leptocoelia Hall 1857 BJ65
         |    |    `--L. flabellites (Conrad 1841) [=Atrypa flabellites; incl. *Leptocoelia propria Hall 1857] BJ65
         |    |--Anabaia Clarke 1893 BJ65
         |    |    `--*A. paraia Clarke 1893 BJ65
         |    |--Australocoelia Boucot & Gill 1956 BJ65
         |    |    `--*A. tourteloti Boucot & Gill 1956 BJ65
         |    `--Eocoelia Nikiforova 1961 BJ65
         |         |--*E. hemisphaerica [=Atrypa hemisphaerica] BJ65
         |         |--E. curtisi EB01
         |         `--E. intermedia EB01
         `--Anoplothecidae [Coelospiridae] BJ65
              |--Coelospira Hall 1863 [Coelospirinae] BJ65
              |    |--*C. concava (Hall 1857) [=Leptocoelia concava] BJ65
              |    `--C. virginia BJ65
              `--Anoplothecinae BJ65
                   |--Bifida Davidson 1882 BJ65
                   |    `--*B. lepida (d’Archiac & de Verneuil 1842) [=Terebratula lepida] BJ65
                   |--Coelospirina Havlíček 1956 BJ65
                   |    `--*C. modica Havlíček 1956 BJ65
                   `--Anoplotheca Sandberger 1855 [=Hoplotheca Bigsby 1878] BJ65
                        |--*A. venusta (Schnur 1853) (see below for synonymy) BJ65
                        `--A. australis Dun 1907 F71

*Anoplotheca venusta (Schnur 1853) [=Terebratula venusta, *Hoplotheca venusta; incl. Productus lamellosus Sandberger 1850-1856] BJ65

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BJ65] Boucot, A. J., J. G. Johnson, C. W. Pitrat & R. D. Staton. 1965. Spiriferida. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt H. Brachiopoda vol. 2 pp. H632–H728. The Geological Society of America, Inc.: Boulder (Colorado), and The University of Kansas Press: Lawrence (Kansas).

[EB01] Eckert, J. D., & C. E. Brett. 2001. Early Silurian (Llandovery) crinoids from the Lower Clinton Group, western New York State. Bulletins of American Paleontology 360: 1–88.

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[M03] Modzalevskaya, T. L. 2003. Silurian and Devonian brachiopods from Severnaya Zemlya (Russian Arctic). Geodiversitas 25 (1): 73–107.

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