Lady's slipper Calceolaria biflora, photographed by Serge Ouachée.

Belongs within: Lamiales.

The Calceolariaceae was defined by Olmstead et al. (2001) on the basis of molecular analysis as the smallest clade including Calceolaria pinnata, Porodittia triandra and Jovellana violacea. Formerly assigned to the Scrophulariaceae, Calceolaria is one of the few genera included in that family with elaiophores (oil-producing glands ) in the corolla, in the form of a dense patch of glandular trichomes within an infolded lobe of the lower corolla lip (Olmstead et al. 2001). The lower lip of Calceolaria flowers is expanded and modified into a pouch, giving them the vernacular names of lady's purse or slipper flower.

<==Calceolariaceae [Calceolarieae, Calceolides]
    |--Porodittia triandra OP01
    |--Jovellana Ruiz & Pav. 1798 OP01, A61
    |    |--J. repens (Hooker) Kranzl. 1907 [=Calceolaria repens Hooker 1854] A61
    |    |--J. sinclairii (Hook.) Kranzl. 1907 (see below for synonymy) A61
    |    `--J. violacea OP01
    `--Calceolaria OP01
         |--C. alba M30
         |--C. augustifolia M30
         |--C. biflora D03
         |--C. cana M30
         |--C. corymbosa C55
         |--C. darwinii D03
         |--C. integrifolia M30
         |--C. lamiifolia C55
         |--C. mexicana OP01
         |--C. pinnata OP01
         |--C. plantaginea D59
         `--C. tenella D03

Jovellana sinclairii (Hook.) Kranzl. 1907 [=Calceolaria sinclairii Hook. 1843; incl. C. (Jovellana) albula Colenso 1895, C. (J.) sturmii Colenso 1895] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[OP01] Olmstead, R. G., C. W. dePamphilis, A. D. Wolfe, N. D. Young, W. J. Elisons & P. A. Reeves. 2001. Disintegration of the Scrophulariaceae. American Journal of Botany 88 (2): 348–361.

Last updated: 13 September 2019.

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