Swan River daisy Brachycome iberidifolia, from here.

Belongs within: Astereae.

The Bellidinae includes the garden daisy Bellis perennis and its close relatives. Members of the Bellidinae are distinguished from other Astereae by having the pappus absent or much shorter than the achene (Black & Robertson 1965).

    |--Bellis perennis LNB03
    |--Erodiophyllum elderi BR65
    |--Solenogyne bellioides BR65
    |    |--S. b. var. bellioides BR65
    |    `--S. b. var. gunnii (see below for synonymy) BR65
    |--Lagenophora BR65
    |    |--L. cuneata CA27
    |    |--L. forsteri A27
    |    |--L. huegelii BR65
    |    |--L. lanata A27
    |    |--L. nudicaulis D03
    |    |--L. petiolata CA27
    |    |--L. pumila CA27
    |    |--L. stipitata (Labillardière) Druce 1917 (see below for synonymy) BR65
    |    `--L. thomsoni A27
    `--Brachycome BR65
         |--B. aculeata (Labillardière) Lessing 1832 (see below for synonymy) BR65
         |--B. angustifolia BR65
         |--B. basaltica BR65
         |    |--B. b. var. basaltica BR65
         |    `--B. b. var. gracilis BR65
         |--B. bellidioides GK00
         |--B. blackii BR65
         |--B. campylocarpa BR65
         |--B. cardiocarpa BR65
         |--‘Brachyscome’ cheilocarpa KM08
         |--B. ciliaris [=Bellis ciliaris] BR65
         |    |--B. c. var. ciliaris BR65
         |    |--B. c. var. lanuginosa BR65
         |    |--B. c. var. lyrifolia BR65
         |    `--B. c. var. subintegrifolia BR65
         |--B. debilis BR65
         |--B. diversifolia BR65
         |--B. eriogona [=B. goniocarpa var. eriogona] BR65
         |--B. exilis [incl. B. neglecta] BR65
         |--B. glandulosa OS04
         |--B. goniocarpa BR65
         |--B. graminea BR65
         |--B. iberidifolia BR65
         |--B. leptocarpa BR65
         |--B. lineariloba (Candolle) Druce 1917 (see below for synonymy) BR65
         |--B. marginata [incl. B. calocarpa] BR65
         |--B. melanocarpa BR65
         |--B. muelleri BR65
         |--B. parvula BR65
         |    |--B. p. var. parvula BR65
         |    `--B. p. var. lissocarpa BR65
         |--B. perpusilla [=Silphiosperma perpusilla] BR65
         |    |--B. p. var. perpusilla BR65
         |    `--B. p. var. tenella (see below for synonymy) BR65
         |--B. sinclairii A27
         |--B. tatei BR65
         |--B. tesquorum BR65
         `--B. trachycarpa BR65

Brachycome aculeata (Labillardière) Lessing 1832 [=Bellis aculeata Labillardière 1806; incl. Br. cuneifolia Tate 1889, Br. scapiformis Candolle 1836, Br. stricta Candolle 1836] BR65

Brachycome lineariloba (Candolle) Druce 1917 [=Steiroglossa lineariloba Candolle 1838; incl. B. pachyptera Turczaninow 1851] BR65

Brachycome perpusilla var. tenella [=B. tenella Turczaninow 1851; incl. Silphiosperma collinum Sonder 1852, B. collina (Sonder) Bentham 1866] BR65

Lagenophora stipitata (Labillardière) Druce 1917 [=Bellis stipitata Labillardière 1806; incl. L. billardieri Cassini 1822] BR65

Solenogyne bellioides var. gunnii [=Emphysopus gunnii Hooker 1847, Lagenophora gunnii Black 1929; incl. L. emphysopus Hooker 1860, Solenogyne emphysopus von Mueller 1888] BR65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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