Lake quillwort Isoetes lacustris, photographed by Carl Farmer.

Belongs within: Lycopodiopsida.
Contains: Selaginella.

The Isoetophyta include the modern quillworts (Isoetes) and spikemosses (Selaginella). Modern species are small herbaceous plants, but the Palaeozoic Lepidodendrales included large arborescent forms. Isoetophytes possess a ligule, and most species except the basal Devonian Leclercqia are heterosporous (Doyle 1998). Isoetes species are aquatic or grow in wet ground, and have crowded quill-like leaves arising from a short central axis (Allan 1961).

    |--Leclercqia complexa CD07, BC98
    `--Isoetopsida [Glossopsida] CD07
         |--Selaginella CD07
         `--+--Lepidodendrales D98
            |    |--Stigmaria D98
            |    |    |--S. ficoides A38
            |    |    `--S. rugulosa CWC87
            |    `--Lepidodendron [Lepidocarpaceae] CWC87
            |         |--L. corrugatum A38
            |         |--L. dichotomum F71
            |         |--L. leeianum CWC87
            |         |--L. nothum F71
            |         |--L. veltheimianum F71
            |         `--L. vokmannianum ZP86
            `--+--Chaloneria D98
               `--+--Pleuromeia D98
                  `--Isoetes Linnaeus 1753 CD07, A61 [Isoetaceae, Isoetales]
                       |--I. alpinus Kirk 1875 [incl. I. multiangularis Col. 1890] A61
                       |--I. capensis RHS09
                       |--I. colamandrina Linnaeus 1781 I88
                       |--I. coromandeliana JG02
                       |--I. drummondii GK00
                       |--I. eludens Roux, Hopper & Smith 2009 RHS09
                       |--I. flaccida SL05
                       |--I. histrix Y98
                       |--I. kirkii Braun 1869 A61
                       |--I. lacustris Linnaeus 1753 CD07
                       |--I. savatieri M03
                       `--I. toximontana RHS09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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