Necterosoma penicillatum, copyright Michael Munich.

Belongs within: Hydroporinae.
Contains: Paroster, Sternopriscus, Hydroporus.

The Hydroporini is an assemblage of mostly Holarctic diving beetles, with a group of species found in Australia. The monophyly of this group as generally recognised was not resolved by Miller (2001), who found it to be at least paraphyletic with regard to the Vatellini. The latter are characterised by a prosternal process that is completely excluded from the metasternum, metepisterna not reaching the mesocoxal cavities, and female genitalia with a heavily sclerotised, triangular process extending off the posterior end of the spermatheca (Miller 2001). Members of the Hydroporini include Necterosoma, a primarily Australian genus of diving beetles with outlying species in New Caledonia and Timor, with distinctly pentamerous protarsi, a small subapical spine on each elytron, and males with protibiae notched on the inner side.

    |--+--+--‘Hydroporus’ paugus M01
    |  |  `--Sanfilippodytes Franciscolo 1979 M01, S86
    |  |       `--S. sbordonii Franciscolo 1979 S86
    |  `--Vatellini M01
    |       |--Macrovatellus M01
    |       `--Derovatellus M01
    |            |--D. lentus M01
    |            `--D. peruanus M01
    `--+--Nebrioporus macronychus M01
       |--Porhydrus lineatus M01
       |--Hydroporus M01
       |--Graptodytes M01
       |    |--G. flavipes M01
       |    `--G. granularis M01
       |--Heterosternuta M01
       |    |--H. pulcher M01
       |    `--H. wickhami M01
       |--Oreodytes M01
       |    |--O. congruus M01
       |    |--O. obesus M01
       |    `--O. scitulus M01
       |--Stictotarsus M01
       |    |--S. corpulentus M01
       |    |--S. griseostriatus M01
       |    `--S. striatellus M01
       |--Neoporus M01
       |    |--N. clypealis M01
       |    |--N. dimidiatus M01
       |    |--N. solitarius M01
       |    |--N. superioris M01
       |    `--N. undulatus M03
       `--Necterosoma Macleay 1871 M01, LM87
            |--N. penicillatum (Clark 1862) (see below for synonymy) LM87
            |--N. aphrodite Watts 1978 LM87
            |--N. darwini (Babington 1841) [=Hydroporus darwini] LM87
            |--N. dispar (Germar 1848) [=Hydroporus dispar] LM87
            |--N. regulare Sharp 1882 [incl. N. arcuatum Sharp 1882] LM87
            |--N. schmelzi Sharp 1882 LM87
            |--N. susanna Zwick 1979 LM87
            |--N. thoreyi (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus thoreyi] LM87
            `--N. undecimlineatum (Babington 1841) (see below for synonymy) LM87

Hydroporini incertae sedis:
  Deronectes M01
  Haideoporus Young & Longley 1976 S86
    `--H. texanus Young & Longley 1976 S86
  Siettitia Abeille de Perrin 1904 S86
    |--S. avenionensis Guignot 1925 S86
    `--S. balsetensis Abeille de Perrin 1904 S86
  Morimotoa Ueno 1957 S86
    `--M. phreatica Ueno 1957 S86
         |--M. p. phreatica S86
         `--M. p. miurai Ueno 1957 S86
  Paroster LM87
  Chostonectes Sharp 1882 LM87
    |--*C. gigas (Boheman 1858) [=Hydroporus gigas; incl. Hyphydrus humeralis Clark 1862] LM87
    |--C. johnsonii (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus johnsonii; incl. C. latus Sharp 1882] LM87
    |--C. nebulosus (Macleay 1871) [=Hydroporus nebulosus] LM87
    `--C. sharpi Sharp 1882 LM87
  Antiporus Sharp 1882 LM87
    |--*A. femoralis (Boheman 1858) [=Hydroporus femoralis] LM87
    |--A. bakewellii (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus bakewellii; incl. A. curtulus Sharp 1882] LM87
    |--A. blakei (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus blakeii] LM87
    |--A. gilbertii (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus gilbertii] LM87
    |--A. interrogationis (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus interrogationis] LM87
    |--A. simplex Watts 1978 LM87
    `--A. wilsoni Watts 1978 LM87
  Hypodes Watts 1978 [=Tiporus Watts 1985] LM87
    |--*H. undecimmaculatus (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus undecimmaculatus, *Tiporus undecimmaculatus] LM87
    |--H. alastairi Watts 1978 [=Tiporus alastairi] LM87
    |--H. centralis Watts 1978 [=Tiporus centralis] LM87
    |--‘Hydroporus’ collaris Hope 1842 (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |--H. denticulatus Watts 1978 [=Tiporus denticulatus] LM87
    |--H. giuliani Watts 1978 [=Tiporus giuliani] LM87
    |--H. josepheni Watts 1978 [=Tiporus josepheni] LM87
    `--H. tambreyi Watts 1978 [=Tiporus tambreyi] LM87
  Sternopriscus LM87
  Barretthydrus Lea 1927 LM87
    |--*B. geminatus Lea 1927 LM87
    |--B. stepheni Watts 1978 LM87
    `--B. tibialis Lea 1927 LM87
  Megaporus Brinck 1943 [=Macroporus Sharp 1882 non Uhler 1875] LM87
    |--*M. hamatus (Clark 1862) (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |--M. fischeri Mouchamps 1964 LM87
    |--M. gardenerii (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus gardenerii; incl. H. brunnipennis Macleay 1871] LM87
    |--M. howittii (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus howittii; incl. H. foveiceps Macleay 1871] LM87
    |--M. nativigi Mouchamps 1964 LM87
    |--M. ruficeps (Sharp 1882) [=Macroporus ruficeps] LM87
    |--M. solidus (Sharp 1882) [=Macroporus solidus; incl. Ma. dilatatus R├ęgimbart 1908] LM87
    `--M. wilsoni Mouchamps 1964 LM87

‘Hydroporus’ collaris Hope 1842 [=Tiporus collaris; incl. H. gravidus Clark 1862, H. thoracicus Schaum 1847] LM87

*Megaporus hamatus (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus hamatus, *Macroporus hamatus; incl. Ma. lateralis Sharp 1882] LM87

Necterosoma penicillatum (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus penicillatus; incl. N. costipenne Lea 1899, *N. vittipenne Macleay 1871] LM87

Necterosoma undecimlineatum (Babington 1841) [=Hydroporus undecimlineatus; incl. N. flavicolle Macleay 1871, H. wollastonii Clark 1862] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


[LM87] Lawrence, J. F., B. P. Moore, J. E. Pyke & T. A. Weir. 1987. Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 4. Coleoptera: Archostemata, Myxophaga and Adephaga. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

[M01] Miller, K. B. 2001. On the phylogeny of the Dytiscidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) with emphasis on the morphology of the female reproductive system. Insect Systematics and Evolution 32: 45–92.

[M03] Miller, K. B. 2003. The phylogeny of diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) and the evolution of sexual conflict. Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society 79: 359–388.

[S86] Spangler, P. J. 1986. Insecta: Coleoptera. In: Botosaneanu, L. (ed.) Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) pp. 622–631. E. J. Brill/Dr W. Backhuys: Leiden.

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