Gleichenia microphylla, photographed by Melburnian.

Belongs within: Leptosporangiatae.

The Gleicheniaceae are a family of ferns with distinctive forked fronds. They are found in tropical or subtropical habitats.

Characters (from Naumann 1993): Plants coarse, terrestrial. Stems long-creeping, forked, stele protostelic (a solid rod of vascular tissue with phloem surrounding xylem), covered with scales or hairs. Leaves monomorphic, large, scrambling or trailing, one to many times forked. Petiole not articulate to stem, with pair of opposite pinnae and arrested bud at apex, or rachis continuing and producing two or more pairs of opposite pinnae. Pinnae one to several times forked, with arrested bud at each fork; indument of simple, branched, or stellate hairs (or scales). Veins free, one- to four-forked. Sori round, indusia absent. Sporangia two to many on slightly elevated receptacle, sessile to subsessile; annulus complete, transverse, medial, longitudinally dehiscent; spores 120-800 per sporangium. Spores all alike, whitish to yellowish, bilateral to globose, monolete or trilete, generally smooth without elaborately ornamented surface. Gametophyte borne above ground, green, obcordate to elongate.

    |--Diplopterygium glaucum [incl. Gleichenia japonica] PS01
    |--Gleichenipteris antarcticus KTT04
    |--Sticherus WP05
    |    |--S. cunninghamii [=Gleichenia cunninghamii Hew. ex Hooker 1844] C49
    |    |--S. flabellatus [=Gleichenia flabellata Brown 1810] C49
    |    `--S. palmatus WP05
    |--Dicranopteris I88
    |    |--D. bifida [=Sticherus bifidus] L54
    |    |--D. flexuosa L54
    |    `--D. linearis (Burmann) Underwood 1907 (see below for synonymy) I88
    |         |--D. l. var. linearis I88
    |         `--D. l. var. montana Holtt. 1957 [incl. D. warburgii (Christ) Nakai 1950] I88
    |--Hicriopteris C49
    `--Gleichenia CD07
         |--G. bifida J87
         |--G. circinata A27
         |    |--G. c. var. circinata C49
         |    `--G. c. var. hecistophylla [incl. G. c. var. alpina] C49
         |--G. cryptocarpa M03
         |--G. dicarpa Brown 1810 CD07
         |--G. gigantea Wallich ex Hooker & Bauer 1840 I88
         |--G. microphylla C49
         |--G. quadripartita [incl. G. acutifolia] M03
         `--G. revoluta J87

Dicranopteris linearis (Burmann) Underwood 1907 [=Polypodium lineare Burmann 1768, Gleichenia linearis (Burmann) Clarke 1880; incl. G. dichotoma, G. lanigera Don 1825] I88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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