Female Reichenbachia, photographed by Mike Quinn.

Belongs within: Goniaceritae.

Reichenbachia is a large cosmopolitan genus of pselaphine beetles, including over 300 species.

Characters (from Park 1942): Ventral surface of head with median longitudinal carina or carinoid swelling; antennae eleven-segmented; maxillary palpi four-segmented; epistomal region generally simple, sometimes slightly expanded laterally or vertically elevated; pronotum with disc simple, evenly convex, three subbasal foveae present with lateral foveae much larger than median fovea; each elytron with distinct dorsal or discal stria and two or three basal foveae; middle coxae contiguous; posterior coxae well separated; abdomen with distinct lateral margin.

    |--R. affinissima Reitter 1883 NG05
    |--R. amica Reitter 1892 NG05
    |--R. grabowskyi Reitter 1882 NG05
    |--R. integrostriata Reitter 1883 NG05
    |--R. invalida Reitter 1882 NG05
    |--R. lamellicornis Reitter 1882 NG05
    |--R. muscorum Raffray 1904 NG05
    |--R. negligens Reitter 1883 NG05
    |--R. punctithorax Reitter 1882 NG05
    |--R. rufa Schmidt-Göbel 1838 NG05
    |--R. schaufussi Reitter 1882 NG05
    |--R. singapuriensis Raffray 1895 NG05
    |--R. telangensis Reitter 1883 NG05
    `--R. tubericollis Raffray 1891 NG05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[NG05] Nomura, S., & I. Abd Ghani. 2005. Faunistic notes on the pselaphine species of the supertribes Goniaceritae, Pselaphitae and Clavigeritae from Malaysia and Singapore (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae). Serangga 10 (1-2): 1-36.

Park, O. 1942. A study in Neotropical Pselaphidae. Northwestern University: Evanston and Chicago.

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