Dorsal and lateral figures of female Tainisopus fontinalis, from here.

Belongs within: Eumalacostraca.
Contains: Oniscidea, Valvifera, Sphaeromatidea, Limnoriidea, Cymothoida.

The Scuticoxifera are a major clade within the isopods, uniting the oniscideans, valviferans, anthuroideans, and the polyphyletic 'flabelliferans'.

Synapomorphies (from Brandt & Poore 2003): Coxae I-VII transformed into plates in contact with entire length of tergite; penes medial on pereonite VII; anterior filter channels of stomach curving laterally or in transverse position (except Anthuroidea).

<==Scuticoxifera [Cymothoada, Cymothoidea, Flabellifera]
    |--+--Oniscidea BP03
    |  `--+--Valvifera BP03
    |     `--Sphaeromatidea BP03
    `--+--Tainisopidae [Tainisopidea] BP03
       |    |--Pygolabis Wilson 2003 BP03
       |    `--Tainisopus Wilson & Ponder 1992 BP03
       |         `--T. fontinalis Wilson & Ponder 1992 BP03
       `--+--Phoratopus [Phoratopidea, Phoratopodidae] BP03
          |    `--P. remex Hale 1925 BP03
          `--+--Limnoriidea BP03
             `--Cymothoida BP03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BP03] Brandt, A. & G. C. B. Poore. 2003. Higher classification of the flabelliferan and related Isopoda based on a reappraisal of relationships. Invertebrate Systematics 17: 893-923.

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