Nucula hartvigiana, from here.

Belongs within: Bivalvia.

The Nuculidae are a family of small infaunal bivalves that first appeared in the Ordovician.

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Shell material nacreous; beaks opisthogyrate; resilifer present; ligament internal.

<==Nuculidae [Nuculoidea]
    |--Nuculoma H00
    |--Acila GW02
    |    |--A. castrensis (Hinds 1843) M12
    |    `--A. demessa Finlay 1927 [=Nucula truncata Gabb 1864 nec Brown 1827 nec Nilsson 1827] F27b
    |--Palaeonucula Quenstedt 1930 H00
    |    |--*P. hammeri (Defrance 1825) [=Nucula hammeri] H00
    |    `--P. navis (Piette 1856) (see below for synonymy) H00
    |--Pronucula F27a
    |    |--P. kermadecensis Oliver 1915 F27a
    |    `--P. mesembrina Hedley 1916 F27a
    |--Dacryomya Agassiz 1840 [=Dacryomia Gressley 1838 (n. n.)] H00
    |    |--*D. lacryma (de Sowerby 1824) [=Nucula lacryma] H00
    |    |--D. gaveyi H00
    |    `--D. heberti (Martin 1860) (see below for synonymy) H00
    |--Rumptunucula Bergmans 1978 M12
    |--Leionucula Quenstedt 1930 M12
    |    `--L. ovatotruncata GAS03
    `--Nucula Gray 1824 M12
         |--N. annulata Hampson 1971 M12
         |--N. arcaeformis Philippi 1887 F27b
         |--N. cancellata Meek & Hayden 1856 M12
         |--N. cascoensis Mighels & Adams 1842 J49
         |--N. certisinus HS01
         |--N. chapmani Cossmann 1920 [=N. arcaeformis Chapman 1908 non Philippi 1887] F27b
         |--N. cooperi Moore 1870 [incl. N. truncata Moore 1870 nec Brown 1827 nec Nilsson 1827 nec Gabb 1864] F27b
         |--N. cumingi (Hinds 1843) [=Leionucula cumingi] M12
         |--N. delphinodonta Mighels & Adams 1842 J49
         |--N. diluvialis Mighels 1841 J49
         |--N. grangei Marwick 1926 F27a
         |--N. hanleyi Winkworth 1931 M12
         |--N. hartvigiana GW02
         |--N. intermedia Mighels 1841 J49
         |--N. loringi Adams & Angas 1863 H09
         |--N. minuta Tenison-Woods 1876 M12
         |--N. mulleri Cossmann 1903 (see below for synonymy) F27b
         |--N. nitidula HS01
         |--N. nucleus (Linnaeus 1758) M12
         |--N. obliqua (see below for synonymy) F27b
         |--N. proxima Say 1822 M12
         |--N. pusilla Angas 1877 (see below for synonymy) M12
         |--N. ruatakiensis Marwick 1926 F27a
         |--N. sejugata Etheridge 1904 F71
         |--N. simplex Deshayes 1842 F27b
         |--N. strangei Adams 1856 F27a
         |--N. sulcata (Bronn 1831) M12
         |--N. superba Hedley 1902 H09
         |--N. tatei Finlay 1924 [=N. semistriata Tate 1886 (preoc.)] F27b
         |--N. tenuis BN03
         |--N. torresi Smith 1885 H09
         |--N. truncata Nilsson 1827 non Brown 1827 F27b
         `--N. turgida Leckenby & Marshall 1875 [incl. N. moorei Winckworth 1931] M12

Dacryomya heberti (Martin 1860) [=Leda heberti; incl. L. romani Oppel 1856 (n. n.), L. vendaeensis Cossmann 1904] H00

Nucula mulleri Cossmann 1903 [=N. truncata Muller 1898 nec Brown 1827 nec Nilsson 1827 nec Gabb 1864 nec Moore 1870] F27b

Nucula obliqua [incl. N. antipodum Hanley 1860, N. dilecta Smith 1891, N. grayi Tenison-Woods 1877, N. simplex Adams 1856 non Deshayes 1842, N. tenisoni Pritchard 1896, N. tumida Tenison-Woods 1877 (preoc.)] F27b

Nucula pusilla Angas 1877 [incl. Pronucula concentrica Cotton 1930, N. hedleyi Pritchard & Gatliff 1904, N. micans Angas 1879] M12

Palaeonucula navis (Piette 1856) [=Nucula navis; incl. N. cordata Goldfuss 1837 non Roemer 1836, N. pinguis Moberg 1888, N. sinemuriensis Martin 1858, N. ungulella Tate 1870] Hoo

*Type species of generic name indicated


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