Cranidium of an unidentified species of Onchonotellus, from Shergold (1980).

Belongs within: Ptychopariida.

Onchonotellus is a genus of late Cambrian and early Ordovician trilobites, characterised by a particularly swollen glabella.

Characters (from Shergold & Szduy 1984): Relatively wide interocular cheeks; well-developed prominent roll-like cephalic rim; barrel-like glabella.

<==Onchonotellus Lermontova 1956 [incl. Seletella Ivshin 1962; Catillicephalacea, Catillicephalidae] S80
    |--*O. subcinctus (Lermontova 1951) [=Solenopleura subcincta] S80
    |--O. abnormis Ivshin 1956 S80
    |--‘Seletella’ choristos Ivshin 1962 S80
    |--‘Seletella’ conusoides Ivshin 1962 S80
    |--‘Seletella’ discreta Ivshin 1962 S80
    |--‘Seletella’ mirabilis Ivshin 1962 S80
    |--O. offula Öpik 1967 S80
    |--‘Onchonotus’ ovoidea Kobayashi 1938 S80
    |--‘Seletella’ paralella Ivshin 1962 S80
    |--O. perlatus Ivshin 1962 S80
    |--O. privus Rosova 1968 S80
    |--O. tchecurensis Lazarenko 1966 S80
    `--O. trisulcatus Ivshin 1962 S80

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S80] Shergold, J. H. 1980. Late Cambrian trilobites from the Chatsworth Limestone, western Queensland. Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics – Bulletin 186: 1-111.

Shergold, J. H., & K. Szduy. 1984. Cambrian and early Tremadocian trilobites from Sultan Dağ, central Turkey. Senckenbergiana Lethaea 65 (1-3): 51-135.

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