Sea slater Ligia oceanica, photographed by Mark Robinson.

Belongs within: Scuticoxifera.
Contains: Synocheta, Crinocheta.

The Oniscidea contain the terrestrial isopods, the familiar woodlice. Characters supporting this group include a minute antenna I, and pseudotracheal pleopods (Brandt & Poore 2003). Some members of the group are amphibious or littoral, but most are fully terrestrial. Tylos are supra-littoral isopods distinguished by the ability to roll into a ball, and the presence of a well-developed process on the front of the head. The Ligiidae, rock slaters, are found on rocky shores and are characterised by a long second antenna with ten or more flagellar articles, and very long and slender uropod rami (Muchmore 1990).

<==Oniscidea [Cloportides, Oniscides, Oniscodea, Oniscoida]
    |--Tylos Latreille 1826 BP03 [Tylinae, Tylidae, Tylomorpha MD01]
    |    |--*T. latreillei B94
    |    |--T. australis Lewis & Bishop 1990 BP03
    |    |--T. europaeus PP64
    |    |--T. neozelanicus V73
    |    |--T. niveus M90
    |    |--T. nudulus V73
    |    |--T. punctatus M90
    |    `--T. sardous PP64
    `--Ligiamorpha MD01
         |--+--Synocheta MD01
         |  `--Crinocheta MD01
         `--Diplocheta MD01
              |--Mesoniscus M78 [Mesoniscidae MD01]
              |    `--M. alpicola M78
              `--Ligiidae MD01
                   |--Euphiloscia elrodii H47
                   |--Ligioides Wahrberg 1922 V73
                   |    `--L. intermedius Wahrberg 1922 V73
                   |--Ligidium M90
                   |    |--L. elrodii M90
                   |    |--L. (Ligidium) gracile H47
                   |    |--L. longicaudatum H47
                   |    `--L. splendidum Strouhal 1940 BWW93
                   `--Ligia Fabricius 1798 JP13 [incl. Ligyda MK83]
                        |--L. australiensis Dana 1853 [=L. gaudichaudii var. australiensis] V73
                        |--L. exotica Roux 1828 V73
                        |--L. italica PP64
                        |--L. novaezelandiae HS01
                        |--L. oceanica H47
                        `--L. (Ligia) pallasii H47

Oniscidea incertae sedis:
  Mexiconiscus Schultz 1964 [incl. Xilitloniscus Bowman 1965] S86
    `--M. laevis (Rioja 1956) S86
  Lucasius pallidus [=Porcellio pallidus] S77
  Trichorhina [Squamiferidae] M90
    |--T. australiensis Wahrberg 1922 V73
    |--T. heterophthalma M90
    |--T. tomentosa M90
    `--T. triocis M90
  Alloniscus Dana 1854 [Alloniscidae] JP13
    |--A. nicobaricus Budde-Lund 1885 V73
    |--A. oahuensis Budde-Lund 1885 V73
    |--A. pallidulus Budde-Lund 1885 V73
    `--A. perconvexus H47

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 21 May 2019.

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