Specimen of Daonella, from here.

Belongs within: Bivalvia.

Daonella was a genus of exceedingly flat scallops found worldwide during the Triassic.

See also: Triassic, glorious Triassic.

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Lacking delimited anterior wings; adductor scar subcentral, touched tangentially by 2 internal ridges diverging from the beak.

<==Daonella Mojsisovics 1874 S04
    |  i. s.: D. desecata (Schafhäutl 1863) [=Posidonomya desecata] S04
    |         D. frami Kittl 1907 S04
    |         D. pichleri Mojsisovics 1874 [incl. D. obliqua, D. pauli Kittl 1912] S04
    |--D. (Pichlerella) latecostata Kittl 1912 S04
    `--D. (Arzelella Turculet 1972) S04
         |--D. (A.) aperta Kittl 1912 S04
         |--D. (A.) bulogensis Kittl 1912 [incl. D. bulogensis var. multistriata Kittl 1912] S04
         |--D. (A.) buseri Jurkovsek 1983 S04
         |--D. (A.) cassiana Mojsisovics 1874 [=Halobia cassiana, D. kittli Krumbeck 1924] S04
         |--D. (A.) indica Bittner 1899 S04
         |--D. (A.) lilintana Boehm 1907 S04
         |--D. (A.) novoguineana Skwarko 1973 S04
         |--D. (A.) parthanensis (Schafhäutl 1863) (n. d.) [=Posidonomya parthanensis, Halobia parthanensis] S04
         |--D. (A.) paucicostata Tornquist 1901 S04
         |--D. (A.) ramovsi Jurkovsek 1983 S04
         |--D. (A.) reticulata Mojsisovics 1874 S04
         |--D. (A.) sakawana Mojsisovics 1888 S04
         |--D. (A.) slovenica Jurkovsek 1983 S04
         |--D. (A.) taramellii Mojsisovics 1874 [=Halobia taramellii; incl. D. imperialis Kittl 1912] S04
         `--D. (A.) tyrolensis Mojsisovics 1874 (see below for synonymy) S04

Daonella (Arzelella) tyrolensis Mojsisovics 1874 [incl. D. anastasiui Kittl 1908, D. arzelensis Kittl 1912, D. badiotica Mojsisovics 1874, D. loczyi Kittl 1912, D. marmoladae Scandone & de Capoa Bonardi 1966, D. spitiensis Bittner 1899, D. tripartita Kittl 1912] S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


Cox, L. R., N. D. Newell et al. 1969. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt N. Bivalvia vol. 1. The Geological Society of America, Inc. and The University of Kansas.

[S04] Schatz, W. 2004. Revision of the subgenus Daonella (Arzelella) (Halobiidae; Middle Triassic). Journal of Paleontology 78 (2): 300-316.

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