The mantis shrimp Squilla empusa, photographed by Richard King.

Belongs within: Hoplocarida.

The Squillidae is a family of mantis shrimps whose members have spearing claws, adapted for catching soft prey (Manning 1980).

Characters (from Manning 1980): Propodi of posterior three maxillipeds slender, not beaded or ribbed ventrally. Telson with distinct median carina. At most submedian teeth of telson with movable apices. Four or more intermediate denticles present on telson.

<==Squillidae [Harpiosquillidae, Squilloidea] MD01
    |--Meiosquilla C73
    |    |--M. quadridens (Bigelow 1893) [=Squilla quadridens] C73
    |    `--M. schmitti (Lemos de Castro 1955) [=Squilla schmitti] C73
    `--Squilla Fabricius 1787 B02
         |--S. chydaea Manning 1962 C73
         |--S. deceptrix Manning 1969 C73
         |--S. discors Manning 1962 C73
         |--S. edentata (Lunz 1937) C73
         |--S. empusa Say 1818 C73
         |--S. granti G75
         |--S. grenadensis Manning 1969 C73
         |--S. heptacantha C73
         |--S. interrupta G75
         |--S. investigatoris H15
         |--S. massawensis P71
         |--S. neglecta Gibbes 1850 [=Chloridella neglecta] C73
         |--S. prasinolineata Dana 1852 C73
         |--S. raphidea G75
         `--S. rugosa Bigelow 1893 C73
              |--S. r. rugosa C73
              `--S. r. pinensis (Lunz 1937) [=Chloridella rugosa var. pinensis] C73

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B02] Boyko, C. B. 2002. A worldwide revision of the recent and fossil sand crabs of the Albuneidae Stimpson and Blepharipodidae, new family (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura: Hippoidea). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 272: 1-396.

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[P71] Por, F. D. 1971. One hundred years of Suez Canal—a century of Lessepsian migration: retrospect and viewpoints. Systematic Zoology 20 (2): 138-159.

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