Flowers of the minute mycoheterotroph Lacandonia schismatica, photographed by cytediano.

Belongs within: Liliidae.

The Pandanales is a clade of mostly tropical and subtropical monocotyledons that is supported by molecular analyses, but has few identified morphological synapomorphies. The Angiosperm Phylogeny Website lists two shared characters within the clade: the presence of a nucellar cap, and a minute embryo. The type family, Pandanaceae, contains Old World tropical and subtropical trees and shrubs with linear to lanceolate leaves; they may be scandent, and they often bear aerial roots (Moore & Edgar 1970). Leaves of Pandanus species (pandan) are used for weaving, and those of P. amaryllifolius are also used for flavouring and colouring food. Leaves of Carludovica palmata are the material used for making Panama hats.

<==Pandanales [Pandananae]
    |--+--Acanthochlamys [Acanthoclamydaceae] DS04
    |  |    `--A. bracteata DS04
    |  `--Velloziaceae [Velloziales] DS04
    |       |--Barbaceniopsis DS04
    |       `--Talbotia elegans [=Barbacenia elegans] DS04
    `--+--Triuridaceae [Triuridales, Triuridanae] DS04
       |    |  i. s.: Seychellaria YY22
       |    |         Andruris YY22
       |    |--Sciaphila [Sciaphileae] DS04
       |    |    `--S. albescens DS04
       |    `--Triurideae DS04
       |         |--Triuris DS04
       |         `--Lacandonia schismatica DS04
       `--+--Stemonaceae DS04
          |    |--Croomia pauciflora DS04
          |    `--Stemona DS04
          |         |--S. japonica DS04
          |         |--S. javanica DS04
          |         |--S. tuberosa BB07
          |         `--S. vagula Smith 1917 [incl. Disporum mairei Léveillé 1917, S. mairei (Léveillé) Krause 1928] H88
          `--+--Cyclanthaceae [Cyclanthales] DS04
             |    |  i. s.: Evodianthus YY22
             |    |         Ludovia YY22
             |    |         Saracinanthus YY22
             |    |         Stelestylis YY22
             |    |--Cyclanthus bipartitus DS04
             |    `--+--Carludovica palmata DS04
             |       `--+--Chorigyne cylindrica DS04
             |          `--Sphaeradenia DS04
             |               |--S. pendula DS04
             |               `--S. stenosperma DS04
             `--Pandanaceae DS04
                  |--Sararanga YY22
                  |--Freycinetia Gaud. 1824 ME70
                  |    |--F. arborea KIW98
                  |    |--F. banksii Cunn. 1837 ME70
                  |    |--F. multiflora DS04
                  |    |--F. scandens DS04
                  |    `--F. takeuchii H03
                  `--Pandanus DS04
                       |--P. amaryllifolius P88
                       |--P. amboinensis H03
                       |--P. christmatensis SB12
                       |--P. copelandii DS04
                       |--P. corneri H03
                       |--P. dubius P88
                       |--P. helicopus P88
                       |--P. leuconatus K03
                       |--P. odoratissimus P88
                       |--P. pedunculatus H09
                       |--P. tectorius B88
                       |    |--P. t. var. tectorius B88
                       |    `--P. t. var. neo-caledonicus B88
                       |--P. upoluensis B88
                       `--P. veitchii DS04

Nomen nudum: Pandanus feruliferus St. John in St. John & Philipson 1960 SJP60

*Type species of generic name indicated


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