Flowers of the minute mycoheterotroph Lacandonia schismatica, photographed by cytediano.

Belongs within: Monocotyledoneae.

The Pandanales are a clade of mostly tropical and subtropical monocotyledons that are united by molecular analyses, but have few identified morphological synapomorphies. The Angiosperm Phylogeny Website lists two shared characters within the clade: the presence of a nucellar cap, and a minute embryo. The type family, Pandanaceae, contains Old World tropical and subtropical trees and shrubs with linear to lanceolate leaves; they may be scandent, and they often bear aerial roots (Moore & Edgar 1970). Leaves of Pandanus species (pandan) are used for weaving, and those of P. amaryllifolius are also used for flavouring and colouring food. The Cyclanthaceae are a Neotropical family of palm-like herbs, shrubs and climbing vines. Leaves of Carludovica palmata are the material used for making Panama hats. The Stemonaceae are a group of often crawling or climbing herbs found in southeast Asia and northern Australia with a single species in North America; their flowers are unusual for monocots in being tetramerous.

Pandanales [Pandananae]
    |--+--Acanthochlamys [Acanthoclamydaceae] DS04
    |  |    `--A. bracteata DS04
    |  `--Velloziaceae [Velloziales] DS04
    |       |--Barbaceniopsis DS04
    |       |--Talbotia elegans [=Barbacenia elegans] DS04
    |       `--Vellozia squamata RJ11
    `--+--Triuridaceae [Triuridales, Triuridanae] DS04
       |    |  i. s.: Seychellaria YY22
       |    |         Andruris YY22
       |    |--Sciaphila [Sciaphileae] DS04
       |    |    `--S. albescens DS04
       |    `--Triurideae DS04
       |         |--Triuris DS04
       |         `--Lacandonia schismatica DS04
       `--+--Stemonaceae DS04
          |    |--Croomia pauciflora DS04
          |    |--Spirellea CBH93
          |    `--Stemona DS04
          |         |--S. australiana LK14
          |         |--S. japonica DS04
          |         |--S. javanica DS04
          |         |--S. tuberosa BB07
          |         `--S. vagula Smith 1917 [incl. Disporum mairei Léveillé 1917, S. mairei (Léveillé) Krause 1928] H88
          `--+--Cyclanthaceae [Cyclanthales] DS04
             |    |  i. s.: Evodianthus YY22
             |    |         Ludovia YY22
             |    |         Saracinanthus YY22
             |    |         Stelestylis YY22
             |    |         Cyclanthodendron [incl. Heliconiates, Musocaulon, Tricoccites] CBH93
             |    |           `--C. sahnii (Rode) Sahni & Surange 1944 CBH93
             |    |--Cyclanthus bipartitus DS04
             |    `--+--Carludovica DS04
             |       |    |--C. atrovirens C38
             |       |    `--C. palmata DS04
             |       `--+--Chorigyne cylindrica DS04
             |          `--Sphaeradenia DS04
             |               |--S. pendula DS04
             |               `--S. stenosperma DS04
             `--Pandanaceae [Pandaneae] DS04
                  |--Sararanga YY22
                  |--Pandanocarpum oolithicum (Carruthers) Zigno 1873 CBH93
                  |--Podocarya bucklandi Goeppert in Bronn 1848 CBH93
                  |--Freycinetia Gaud. 1824 ME70
                  |    |--F. arborea KIW98
                  |    |--F. banksii Cunn. 1837 ME70
                  |    |--F. multiflora DS04
                  |    |--F. scandens DS04
                  |    `--F. takeuchii H03
                  `--Pandanus SS10
                       |--P. amaryllifolius P88
                       |--P. amboinensis H03
                       |--P. aquaticus LK14
                       |--P. christmatensis SB12
                       |--P. copelandii DS04
                       |--P. corneri H03
                       |--P. darwinensis LK14
                       |--P. dubius P88
                       |--P. elatus MBS12
                       |--P. forsteri SS10
                       |--P. helicopus P88
                       |--P. leuconatus K03
                       |--P. odoratissimus P88
                       |--P. pedunculatus H09
                       |--P. rheophilus LK14
                       |--P. semiarmatus LK14
                       |--P. spiralis VT13
                       |--P. tectoria CBH93
                       |    |--P. t. var. tectoria B88
                       |    `--P. t. var. neo-caledonicus B88
                       |--P. upoluensis B88
                       `--P. veitchii DS04

Nomen nudum: Pandanus feruliferus St. John in St. John & Philipson 1960 SJP60

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 31 January 2020.

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