Male and female of Arcturella dilatata, from here.

Belongs within: Scuticoxifera.
Contains: Mesidoteinae, Idothea.

The Valvifera are a group of aquatic isopods found in both marine and freshwater habitats. They are characterised by having the uropods rotated ventrally to form a branchial chamber enclosing the pleopods (Brandt & Poore 2003).

Characters (from Brandt & Poore 2003): Antenna 1 without scale. Mandibular lacinia mobilis present; mandibular molar a cylindrical process with triturative flat end, occasionally obsolete; mandibular palps absent. Dorsal coxal plate 7 similar to others (rarely narrower). Pleonite 6, usually more pleonites, fused to pleotelson, pleonite 1 similar to others (rarely reduced). Pleotelson underside vaulted, branchial chamber defined by ridges along mesial margin of lateral edge. Pleopod 3 endopod roughly triangular (or at least with inner angle sharper than outer). Uropods lateral to margin of pleotelson, peduncle and short rami enclosing pleopods in branchial chamber.

<==Valvifera [Idoteides, Idoteoidea, Idotheoidea]
    |  i. s.: Ronalea Menzies & Bowman 1956 MK83
    |         Eusymmerus Richardson 1899 MK83
    |--Antarcturus MK83 [Antarcturidae BP03]
    |--Arcturides MK83 [Arcturididae BP03]
    |--Austracturellidae BP03
    |--Holidoteidae BP03
    |--Pseudidotheidae BP03
    |--Rectarcturidae BP03
    |--Xenarcturellidae BP03
    |--Saduria [Chaetiliidae] BP03
    |    `--S. entomon BP03
    |--Holognathus [Holognathidae] BP03
    |    `--H. karamea BP03
    |--Arcturidae [Amesopodidae] BP03
    |    |--Arcturus MK83
    |    |    |--A. deshayesii Lucas 1846 E12
    |    |    `--A. floridanus Richardson 1900 MK83
    |    |--Thermoarcturus venezuelensis Paul & Menzies 1971 MK883
    |    |--Dolichisus MK83
    |    |--Neoarcturus MK83
    |    |--Pseudarcturella MK83
    |    |--Microarcturus MK83
    |    |--Edwinjoycea Menzies & Kruczynski 1983 MK83
    |    |    `--*E. horologium Menzies & Kruczynski 1983 MK83
    |    |--Arcturella Sars 1899 MK83
    |    |    |--*A. dilatata (Sars 1882) [=Astacilla dilatata] MK83
    |    |    |--A. bispinata Menzies & Kruczynski 1983 MK83
    |    |    `--A. spinata Menzies & Kruczynski 1983 MK83
    |    `--Astacilla MK83
    |         |--A. cymodocea Menzies & Glynn 1968 MK83
    |         |--A. lasallae Paul & Menzies 1971 MK83
    |         `--A. lauffi Menzies & Frankenberg 1966 MK83
    `--Idoteidae N37
         |  i. s.: Cleantis MK83
         |           |--C. planicauda Benedict in Richardson 1899 MK83
         |           `--C. tubicola HS01
         |         Edotea triloba (Say 1818) MK83
         |         Tropedotea Menzies & Kruczynski 1983 MK83
         |           `--*T. lyonsi Menzies & Kruczynski 1983 MK83
         |         Chiridotea N37
         |           |--C. arenicola Wigley 1960 MK83
         |           |--C. coeca (Say 1818) MK83
         |           |--C. excavata Harper 1974 MK83
         |           `--C. stenops Menzies & Frankenberg 1966 MK83
         |         Erichsonella MK83
         |           |--E. attenuata (Harger 1873) MK83
         |           |--E. filiformis (Say 1818) MK83
         |           |    |--E. f. filiformis MK83
         |           |    |--E. f. isabelensis Menzies 1951 MK83
         |           |    `--E. f. tropicalis Menzies & Glynn 1968 MK83
         |           `--E. floridana Benedict in Richardson 1901 MK83
         |         Synidotea N37
         |           |--S. angulata H47
         |           |--S. bicuspida [=Edotea bicuspida, Edotia bicuspida] H47
         |           |--S. consolidata H47
         |           |--S. hirtipes N37
         |           |--S. nebulosa H47
         |           |--S. nodulosa [=Edotea nodulosa] H47
         |           |--S. pettiboneae Hatch 1947 H47
         |           `--S. ritteri H47
         |         Symmius N37
         |         Paridotea N37
         |         Pentidotea N37
         |           |--P. resecata N37 [=Idotaea resecata H47, Idotea resecata H47]
         |           |--P. rotunda N37
         |           |--P. stenops H47
         |           |--P. whitei N37 [=Idothea whitei H47, Idotea whitei H47]
         |           `--P. wosnesenskii N37 (see below for synonymy)
         |         Synisoma F05
         |           |--S. albertoi Castellanos & Junoy 2005 F05
         |           `--S. capito BBB-S95
         |--Mesidoteinae N37
         |--Glyptonotus [Glyptonotinae] N37
         |    |--G. acutus N37
         |    `--G. antarcticus Eights 1852 FZA07
         `--Idothea N37

Pentidotea wosnesenskii N37 [=Idotaea wosnesenskii H47, Idotea wossnessenskii H47; incl. Pentidotea wosnesenskii var. exlineae Hatch 1947 H47]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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