New Zealand geoduck Panope zelandica, photographed by Graham Bould.

Belongs within: Heterodonta.

Panope, geoducks, are a genus of bivalves found from the Late Cretaceous to the present day in Europe, North America and the South Pacific. Representatives have a large, muscular siphon that is permanently extruded from the gaping shell. Some species are prized as food.

<==Panope Ménard de la Groye 1807 G77, S98 [=Panopea F27a]
    |--P. glycimeris (Born 1778) SB93 [=Mya glycymeris S98; incl. *P. aldrovandi Ménard de la Groye 1807 S98]
    |--P. abrupta (Conrad 1849) TW07
    |--P. agnewi F27a
    |--P. angusta Nyst 1836 F27b
    |--P. ‘angusta’ (d’Orbigny 1850) non Nyst 1836 [=Pleuromya angusta] F27b
    |--P. awaterensis F27a
    |--P. bitruncata C66
    |--P. clausa F27a
    |--P. fragilis Gould 1861 C64
    |--P. generosa (Gould 1850) G77 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. hedleyi Finlay 1927 [=P. angusta Hedley 1915 nec Nyst 1836 nec Pleuromya angusta Agassiz 1845] F27b
    |--P. malvernensis Woods 1917 [=Panopea malvernensis] S98
    |--P. neozelanica H86
    |--P. orbita F27a
    |--P. plicata H79
    |--P. ralphi Finlay 1927 F27a
    |--P. reflexa C64
    |--P. smithae Powell 1950 P61
    |--P. thomasi von Ihering 1914 S98
    |--P. worthingtoni F27a
    `--P. zelandica (Quoy & Gaimard 1835) P61

Panope generosa (Gould 1850) G77 [=Panopea generosa C64; incl. Glycimeris estrellanus C64, Panopaea generosa var. sagrinata C64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 October 2021.

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