New Guinea spiny bandicoot Echymipera kalubu, photographed by Michael Pennay.

Belongs within: Marsupialia.

The Peramelemorphia includes the bandicoots, a group of long-snouted Australian marsupials. Most species are insectivorous or carnivorous, though the now-extinct pig-footed bandicoot Chaeropus ecaudatus may have been a grazer (Long et al. 2002.

Characters (from Long et al. 2002): Lower molars with very large, un-notched anterior cingulid; upper molars with large adjacent stylar cusps C and D, and buccally shifted centrocrista. Hind feet syndactylous (at least in Perameloidea), with second and third toes reduced and joined by a web of skin).

    |--Yarala Muirhead & Filan 1995 [Yaralidae, Yaraloidea] LA02
    |    |--*Y. burchfieldi Muirhead & Filan 1995 LA02
    |    `--Y. kida MJ11
    `--Perameloidea [Peramelidae] LA02
         |--Chaeropus ecaudatus CB-E04
         `--+--Thylacomyidae LA02
            |    |--Ischnodon Stirton 1955 LA02
            |    |    `--*I. australis Stirton 1955 LA02
            |    |--Macrotis CB-E04
            |    |    |--M. lagotis CB-E04
            |    |    `--M. leucura CB-E04
            |    `--Thylacomys nigripes WJ26
            `--+--+--Isoodon CB-E04
               |  |    |--I. macrourus (Gould 1842) CB-E04, K92
               |  |    `--+--I. auratus CB-E04
               |  |       `--I. obesulus (Shaw 1797) CB-E04, BD-D09
               |  `--Perameles Geoffroy 1803 CB-E04, LA02
               |       |  i. s.: P. allinghamensis Archer 1976 LA02
               |       |         P. bowensis Muirhead, Dawson & Archer 1997 LA02
               |       |         P. eremiana CB-E04
               |       |         P. wombeyensis Broom 1896 F71
               |       |--P. bougainville CB-E04
               |       `--+--*P. nasuta Geoffroy 1804 LA02, CB-E04, LA02
               |          `--P. gunnii CB-E04
               `--Peroryctidae LA02
                    |--Rhynchomeles prattorum LA02, BP87
                    |--Peroryctes CB-E04
                    |    |--P. broadbenti CB-E04
                    |    |--P. longicaudata TL70
                    |    `--P. raffrayana CB-E04
                    |--Microperoryctes LA02
                    |    |--M. longicauda CB-E04
                    |    |--M. murina CB-E04
                    |    `--M. papuensis CB-E04
                    `--Echymipera Lesson 1842 LA02
                         |--*E. kalubu (Lesson 1828) [=Perameles kalubu] R64
                         |--E. clara CB-E04
                         |--E. davidi CB-E04
                         |--E. doreyana TL70
                         |--E. echinista CB-E04
                         `--E. rufescens CB-E04
                              |--E. r. rufescens R64
                              `--E. r. australis Tate 1948 R64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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