Pareuthria fuscata, copyright Manuel Caballer.

Belongs within: Neogastropoda.
Contains: Pisania, Cantharus, Colubrariidae, Melongena, Nassariidae, Columbellidae, Fasciolariidae, Engina, Busyconinae, Beringius, Siphonaliinae, Aeneator, Penion, Buccinulum (Euthrena), Buccinulum (Evarnula), Cominella, Colini, Buccinum, Volutopsius.

The Buccinoidea are a diverse clade of neogastropods characterised by the absence of accessory salivary glands. Members are ecologically diverse; the majority are scavengers or predators but some are parasites or herbivores. The Buccinidae, whelks, are a carnivorous family, including both predators and scavengers, found predominantly in temperate or boreal waters of the Northern Hemisphere. They are morphologically diverse, varying from small to large, commonly with a wide aperture and long proboscis. Eggs may be laid singly or in masses with development often being direct. The Melongenidae, giant whelks, are a mostly tropical group of medium-sized to very large scavengers with an elongate aperture and long head. The Pisaniidae are a predominantly tropical group of mostly medium-sized species with a high aperture, typically with a thickened outer lip, and usually with an axial sculpture of strong, closely-spaced ribs. Belomitra is a North Atlantic genus with moderately large (16–22 mm), thin shells with a tall spire and narrow whorls that are distinctly angulate above the middle (Powell 1966).

Buccinoidea [Beringioidea] BR17
    |--Belomitra Fischer 1883 BR17 [incl. Pleurobela Monterosato in Locard 1897 P66; Belomitridae FP15]
    |    |--*B. paradoxa Fischer 1883 BR17
    |    |--B. bouteti FP15
    |    |--B. delicatulina (Locard 1897) [=Clionella delicatulina] P66
    |    |--B. fischeri Locard 1897 P66
    |    |--B. lyrata Locard 1897 [=Pleurobela lyrata] P66
    |    `--B. spelta (Locard 1897) [=Pleurotoma spelta, *Pleurobela spelta] P66
    `--+--Melongenidae [Cassidulina, Cassidulinae, Melongeninae] FP15
       |    |--Melongena BR05
       |    |--Tantunia clathrata TTE93
       |    |--Volegalea Iredale 1938 WG71
       |    |    `--V. wardiana Iredale 1938 WG71
       |    |--Rhombopsis Gardner 1916 [=Neptunella Meek 1864 non Gray 1854] P66
       |    |    `--*R. newberryi (Meek & Hayden 1857) [=Fusus newberryi, *Neptunella newberryi] P66
       |    |--Bruclarkia P66
       |    |    `--‘Fusus’ corpulentus Conrad 1849 [=Priscofusus corpulentus] P66
       |    |--Heligmotoma Mayer-Eymar 1896 [Heligmotomidae] BR05
       |    |    `--*H. nilotica (Mayer-Eymar 1896) [=Melongena nilotica] BR17
       |    |--Volema Röding 1798 [Volemidae] BR05
       |    |    |--*V. paradisiaca Röding 1798 BR17
       |    |    `--V. cornuta [=Galeodes (Volema) cornuta] H62
       |    |--Hemifusus ZLK11
       |    |    |--H. colosseus ZLK11
       |    |    |--H. ternatanus ZLK11
       |    |    `--H. tuba ZLK11
       |    `--‘Galeodes’ Röding 1798 non Olivier 1791 BR05
       |         |--*G. melongena (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex melongena] BR17
       |         |--G. cochlidium (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex cochlidium] H09
       |         `--G. pricei (Smith 1887) [=Fusus pricei] H09
       `--+--Nassariidae FP15
          |--+--Columbellidae ZLK11
          |  `--Fasciolariidae FP15
          `--Buccinidae [Ceryciidae, Cominellidae, Cominellina, Cominellinae] FP15
               |  i. s.: Manaria kuroharai Azuma 1960 AV03, MG-H11
               |         Eosipho AV03
               |         Anna Risso 1826 P66
               |           `--*A. massena Risso 1826 P66
               |         Savatieria Rochebrune & Mabille 1885 P66
               |           `--*S. frigida Rochebrune & Mabille 1885 P66
               |         Troschelia berniciensis (King 1846) OT04
               |         Neocola Finlay 1926 F26
               |           |--*N. beta [=Austrofusus beta] F26
               |           `--N. cliftonensis (Marwick 1926) [=Aethocola cliftonensis] F26
               |         Zelandiella Finlay 1926 DK10
               |           |--*Z. subnodosa [=Neptunea subnodosa] F26
               |           `--Z. fatua Finlay 1926 DK10
               |         Nassicola Finlay 1926 F26
               |           `--*N. costata F26 [=Neptunea costata F26, N. (Sipho) costatus H79]
               |         Zeapollia Finlay 1926 F26
               |           |--*Z. acuticingulata (Suter 1917) [=Tritonidea acuticingulata] F26
               |           |--Z. colensoi [=Tritonidea colensoi] F26
               |           `--Z. purpuroides (Johnston 1879) [=Ricinula purpuroides] F26
               |         Tritonidea F27
               |           |--T. australis H08
               |           `--T. fusiformis Martin 1883 F27
               |         Tasmeuthria Iredale 1925 F27
               |           |--*T. clarkei [=Siphonalia clarkei] F27
               |           `--T. glirina (Blainv. 1832) (see below for synonymy) F27
               |         Josepha tasmanica M54
               |         Engina BC01
               |         Nassaria MG-H11
               |           |--N. acuminata (Reeve 1844) MG-H11
               |           |--N. bitubercularis (Adams 1855) [=Hindsia bitubercularis] H09
               |           |--N. problematica (Iredale 1936) MG-H11
               |           `--N. solida Kuroda & Habe 1961 MG-H11
               |         Dolicholatirus Bellardi 1883 MG-H11, F27
               |           `--*D. bronni [=Turbinella bronni] F27
               |         Granulifusus kiranus Shuto 1958 MG-H11
               |         Pseudolatirus pallidus Kuroda & Habe 1961 MG-H11
               |         Bailya Smith 1944 BC01
               |           |  i. s.: B. milleri Usticke 1959 BC01
               |           `--B. (Parabailya Watters & Finlay 1989) BC01
               |                `--B. (*P.) weberi (Watters 1983) [=Caducifer (Monostiolium) weberi] BC01
               |         Caducifer decapitata (Reeve 1844) [incl. Pisania englerti Hertlein 1960] BC01
               |         Monostiolum BC01
               |           |--M. biliratum (Reeve 1846) [=Caducifer (Monostiolum) biliratus] PP78
               |           `--M. rosewateri Watters & Finlay 1989 BC01
               |         ‘Paradoxa’ Fernandes & Rolán 1990 nec Marshall 1896 nec Mattir. 1935 (ICBN) BC01
               |           |--*P. confirmata Fernandes & Rolán 1990 BC01
               |           `--P. thomensis Fernandes & Rolán 1990 BC01
               |         Antimitra Iredale 1917 BK11, P66 [incl. Mitromorpha Adams 1865 non Carpenter 1865 P66]
               |           |--*A. aegrota (Reeve 1845) [=Pleurotoma aegrota] P66
               |           |--A. crenulata (Pease 1867) [=Daphnella crenulata] P66
               |           |--‘Mitromorpha’ filosa Carpenter 1865 nec Columbella filosa Dujardin 1837 (not preoc. as in homonymous gen.) nec Daphnella filosa Carpenter 1864 (do.) O27
               |           |--‘Mitromorpha’ gracilior Hemphill 1884 O27
               |           |    |--M. g. gracilior O27
               |           |    `--M. g. intermedia Arnold 1903 O27
               |           |--*Mitromorpha’ gracilis O27
               |           `--A. lirata (Adams 1865) [=Mitromorpha lirata] P66
               |         Bathyclionella Kobelt 1905 BK11, P66 [incl. Cryptomitra Dall 1924 P66]
               |           |--*B. quadruplex (Watson 1881) BW80 [=Pleurotoma (Clionella) quadruplex P66]
               |           |--B. brachytoma (Schepman 1913) [=Surcula brachytoma] P66
               |           |--B. climacella (Dall 1895) [=Pleurotoma climacella, Pleurotomella climacella] P66
               |           `--B. paschalis (Thiele 1925) [=Mangelia paschalis] P66
               |         Jumala BK11
               |         Trachypollia Woodring 1928 BD12
               |           `--*T. sclera Woodring 1928 RD75
               |         Fax Iredale 1925 P61
               |           |--*F. tabidus [=Phos tabidus] P61
               |           |--F. mirabilis (Powell 1929) P61
               |           |    |--F. m. mirabilis P61
               |           |    |--F. m. canturiensis Dell 1951 P61
               |           |    |--F. m. nuptialis Dell 1953 P61
               |           |    `--F. m. powelli Fleming 1948 P61
               |           |--F. otagoensis (Finlay 1927) P61
               |           `--F. tenuicostatus F26
               |         Austrobuccinum Stilwell & Zinsmeister 1992 C96
               |         Pseudofax JB12
               |         Bulliopsis Conrad 1862 P12
               |           `--B. bowlerensis Allmon 1990 P12
               |         Hesperisternia petuchi Vermeij 2006 P12
               |         Celatoconus P12
               |         Ptychosalpinx P12
               |         Amycla C64
               |           |--A. californiana Gask. 1851 C64
               |           |--A. chrysalloidea Carpenter 1864 C64
               |           |--A. corniculum PP64
               |           |--A. gouldiana [=Columbella gouldiana, C. gouldii Agass. 1858 (n. n.)] C64
               |           |--A. minor C64
               |           |--A. tuberosa Carpenter 1864 C64
               |           `--A. undata Carpenter 1864 C64
               |         Pseudoneptunea Kobelt 1882 C75
               |           |--*P. varicosa (Roeding 1798) (see below for synonymy) C75
               |           `--P. inflata (Oostingh 1941) [=Siphonalia (Pseudoneptunea) inflata] C75
               |--Busyconinae BR05
               |--Beringius BR05
               |--Siphonaliinae BR05
               |--Donovaniinae BR17
               |    |--Syntagma Iredale 1918 P66 [incl. Lachesis Risso 1826 non Daudin 1803 BR05; Lachesinae]
               |    |    |--*S. minimum Montagu 1803 (see below for synonymy) P66
               |    |    `--*Lachesis’ mamillata Risso 1826 BR17
               |    `--Chauvetia Monterosato 1884 P66, BR05 (see below for synonymy)
               |         |--*C. mamillata (Risso 1826) [=Nesaea mamillata, *Donovania mamillata] BR17
               |         |--C. candidissima [=Buccinum candidissima, Nesaea candidissima] P66
               |         |--‘Buccinum’ folineaea [=*Folineaea folineaea] P66
               |         |--‘Buccinum’ lefebvrei Maravigna 1840 P66
               |         `--C. minima PP64
               |--Buccinulinae [Buccinulidae, Buccinulini] BR05
               |    |--Aeneator P61
               |    |--Penion P61
               |    |--Antarctoneptunea BR17
               |    |--Kelletia Bayle 1884 BR17, O27
               |    |    `--*K. kelletii (Forbes 1850) [=Fusus kellettii] O27
               |    |--Ellicea Finlay 1928 P61
               |    |    |--*E. orbita [=Siphonalia orbita] P61
               |    |    `--E. recens Dell 1951 P61
               |    |--Euthrenopsis Powell 1929 P61
               |    |    |--*E. otagoensis Powell 1929 P61
               |    |    |--E. bountyensis Powell 1929 P61
               |    |    `--E. venusta Powell 1929 P61
               |    |--Euthria Gray 1850 F27a
               |    |    |--E. amorimi Fraussen 2004 F05
               |    |    |--E. interrupta Sowerby 1900 S00
               |    |    |--E. linea F27a
               |    |    `--E. plumbea [incl. E. ferrea, E. viridula] S00
               |    `--Buccinulum Deshayes 1830 BR05 [incl. Evarne F27a]
               |         |--B. (Buccinulum) P61
               |         |    |--*B. (B.) lineatum (Gmelin 1791) [=Murex lineatus] BR17
               |         |    |--B. (B.) lineum (Martyn 1784) P61
               |         |    |--B. (B.) pallidum Finlay 1928 P61
               |         |    |--B. (B.) tenuistriatum Powell 1929 P61
               |         |    `--B. (B.) waitangiensis Powell 1933 P61
               |         |--B. (Euthrena) P61
               |         `--B. (Evarnula) P61
               `--Buccininae [Buccinidia] BR05
                    |  i. s.: Cominella BR05
                    |         Parancistrolepidini (see below for synonymy) BR05
                    |           |--Parancistrolepis Azuma 1965 BR05
                    |           |    `--*P. kinoshitai (Kuroda 1931) [=Japelion kinoshitai] BR17
                    |           `--Brevisiphonia Lus 1973 [Brevisiphoniinae, Brevisiphoninae] BR05
                    |                `--*B. circumreta Lus 1973 BR17
                    |         Prosipho Thiele 1912 [Prosiphiinae, Prosiphoninae, Prosiphonini] BR05
                    |           |--*P. gaussianus Thiele 1912 BR17
                    |           |--P. cassandra F26 [=Mitromorpha cassandra H22]
                    |           |--P. pallidula F26 [=Mitromorpha pallida H22]
                    |           |--P. solidus [=Mitromorpha solida] H22
                    |           `--P. tomlini Powell 1957 [incl. P. madigani Tomlin 1948 non Hedley 1916] P61
                    |         Ancistrolepis Dall 1895 [Ancistrolepidinae, Ancistrolepidini, Ancistrolepisinae] BR05
                    |           |--*A. eucosmius (Dall 1891) [=Chrysodomus eucosmius] BR17
                    |           |    |--A. e. eucosmius O27
                    |           |    `--A. e. bicinctus Dall 1919 O27
                    |           |--A. beringianus Dall 1919 O27
                    |           |--A. californicus Dall 1919 O27
                    |           `--A. magnus Dall 1895 O27
                    |         Liomesus Stimpson 1865 (see below for synonymy) BR05
                    |           |--*L. dalei (Sowerby 1825) O27, BR17 (see below for synonymy)
                    |           |--L. nassula Dall 1901 O27
                    |           |--L. nux Dall 1877 O27
                    |           `--L. ooides Middendorff 1848 O27
                    |                |--L. o. ooides O27
                    |                `--L. o. canaliculatus (Dall 1874) [=Buccinopsis canaliculatus] O27
                    |--Colini ZLK11
                    `--+--+--Buccinini BR17
                       |  |    |--Buccinum ZLK11
                       |  |    `--Volutopsius BR17
                       |  `--Volutharpa Fischer 1856 ZLK11, BC01 [Volutharpinae]
                       |       |--*V. deshayesiana Fischer 1856 BR17
                       |       |--V. ampullacea Middendorff 1848 O27 [=Bullia ampullacea C64]
                       |       `--V. perryi (Jay 1856) FP15, BC01 [=Bullia perryi BC01, V. ampullacea perryi BC01]
                       `--+--Japelion latus (Dall 1918) ZLK11, ZC10
                          `--Pareuthria Strebel 1905 ZLK11, P61
                               |--*P. fuscata P61 [=Buccinum fuscatum P61, Cominella fuscata F26]
                               |--P. campbelli (Filhol 1880) P61 [=Cominella campbelli F26]
                               |--P. magellanica [=Cominella magellanica] F26
                               |--P. plumbea ZLK11 [=Cominella plumbea F26]
                               |--P. rosea [=Cominella rosea] F26
                               `--P. valdiviae Thiele 1925 [incl. Probuccinum tenerum Tomlin 1948 non Smith 1907] P61

Buccinoidea incertae sedis:
  Echinofulguridae BR17
    |--Echinofulgur Olsson & Harbison 1953 [Echinofulgurinae] BR05
    |    `--*E. echinatus (Dall 1890) BR17 [=Fulgur echinatus BR17, Busycon echinatum C60]
    |--Levifusus Conrad 1865 [Levifusinae] BR17
    |    `--*L. trabeatus (Conrad 1833) [=Fusus trabeatus] BR17
    `--Protobusycon Wade 1917 BD12 [Protobusyconinae BR17]
         `--*P. cretaceum (Wade 1917) [=Busycon cretaceum] BR17
  Pisaniidae [Pisaniana, Pisaniinae] ZLK11
    |--Notoficula AV03
    |--Falsimohnia AV03
    |--Pisania BR17
    |--Cantharus ZLK11
    |--Solenosteira Dall 1890 AV03
    |    `--S. macrospira (Berry 1957) H78
    |--Pusiostoma Swainson 1840 [Pusiostomatidae] BR05
    |    `--*P. mendicaria (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 [=Voluta mendicaria BR17, Engina mendicaria H09]
    |--Tromina Dall 1918 AV03, RD75
    |    `--*T. unicarinata (Philippi 1868) [=Fusus unicarinatus] RD75
    |--Procominula Finlay 1926 F26
    |    `--*P. pulchra [=Cominella pulchra] F26
    |--Burnupena Iredale 1918 F26
    |    `--*B. delalandii [=Cominella delalandii; incl. Buccinum catarracta] F26
    |--Ratifusus Iredlae 1919 B88
    |    `--R. bednalli M54
    |--Zephos Finlay 1926 F26
    |    |--*Z. cingulata [=Nassa cingulata] F26
    |    `--Z. otagoensis Finlay 1926 F26
    |--Pusio Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon 1834 [incl. Calicantharus Clark 1938] AV03
    |    |--*P. elegans Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon 1834 AV03 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--P. articulatus (see below for synonymy) G79
    |    `--‘Pisania’ fortis Carpenter 1866 [=*Calicantharus fortis] AV03
    |--Iredalula Finlay 1927 B88
    |    |--*I. striata (Hutton 1873) P61 [=Bela striata P61, Daphnella striata H86]
    |    |--I. alticincta (Murdoch & Suter 1906) P61
    |    `--I. venusta Powell 1934 P61
    `--Lirabuccinum Vermeij 1991 AV03
         |--*L. dirum (Reeve 1846) AV03 (see below for synonymy)
         |--L. branneri (Clark & Arnold 1923) (see below for synonymy) AV03
         |--L. dalli (Clark 1918) AV03
         |--L. fuscolabiatum (Smith 1875) (see below for synonymy) AV03
         |--L. japonicum (Yokoyama 1926) [=Searlesia japonica] AV03
         |--L. miocenicum (Etherington 1931) AV03
         `--L. portlaense (Arnold 1908) AV03
  Neobuccinum eatoni (Smith 1875) ZLK11, S11
  Colubrariidae ZLK11

Chauvetia Monterosato 1884 P66, BR05 [=Nesaea Risso 1826 non Leach 1814 P66, Donovania Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus 1883 non Leach 1814 BR17; incl. Folineaea Monterosato 1884 P66; Chauvetiinae, Donovaniini]

Liomesus Stimpson 1865 [=Buccinopsis Jeffreys 1867 non Conrad 1857; Buccinopsidae, Liomesidae, Liomesinae, Liomesini] BR05

*Liomesus dalei (Sowerby 1825) O27, BR17 [=Buccinum dalei O27, *Buccinopsis dalei BR17; incl. B. dalei var. eburnea J64]

Lirabuccinum branneri (Clark & Arnold 1923) [=Searlesia branneri; incl. S. kavranensis Sinelnikova in Gladenkov, Sinelnikova & Titova 1984, Lirabuccinum kavranense, S. kurodai Makiyama 1936, S. kurodai kinseiensis Makiyama 1936] AV03

*Lirabuccinum dirum (Reeve 1846) AV03 [=Buccinum dirum AV03, Chrysodomus dirus C64, Searlesia dira O27; incl. Fusus (Neptunaea) incisus Gld. 1849 C64, Tritonium (Fusus) sitchense Middendorff 1849 C64, Chrysodomus sitchensis C64]

Lirabuccinum fuscolabiatum (Smith 1875) [=Euthria fuscolabiata, Searlesia fuscolabiata; incl. S. constricta Dall 1918, Fusus coreanicus Smith 1879, S. coreanica, Euthria hokkaidonis Pilsbry 1901, Fusus modestus Gould 1860 non Philippi 1844, Searlesia modesta, S. shimosensis Oinomikado 1935] AV03

Parancistrolepidini [Parancistrolepididae, Parancistrolepidinae, Parancistrolepisinae] BR05

*Pseudoneptunea varicosa (Roeding 1798) [=Neptunea varicosa, Murex varicosus, Siphonalia (Pseudoneptunea) varicosa; incl. S. bantamensis Martin 1895, S. (P.) bantamensis] C75

Pusio articulatus [=Fusus articulatus; incl. Murex accinctus, Purpura accincta, Buccinum pennatum, B. plumatum] G79

*Pusio elegans Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon 1834 AV03 [=Triton (Pusio) elegans C64; incl. Pisania insignis Rve. 1846 C64]

*Syntagma minimum Montagu 1803 [=Buccinum minimum, Donovania minima; incl. B. brunneum Donovan 1804] P66

Tasmeuthria glirina (Blainv. 1832) [=Purpura glirina; incl. Pisania bednalli, Buccinum discolor Kiener 1834, Tritonidea fusiformis Verco 1896 non Martin 1883, T. fusiformis adcocki Verco 1896, T. subrubiginosa Smith 1879] F27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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