Rosa persica, photographed by Yuriy75.

Belongs within: Rosaceae.
Contains: Sanguisorbeae, Fragariinae, Potentilla.

Roperculina is a clade within the Rosaceae supported by molecular data and the presence of operculate pollen (Eriksson et al. 2003). It was defined by Eriksson et al. (2003) as "the least-inclusive clade containing Rosa cinnamomea, Sanguisorba officinalis, Fragaria vesca, and Potentilla reptans". Rosa, the roses, is a Holarctic genus of shrubs and climbers, many species of which have become widely grown as ornamental plants.

    |--Sanpotina EH03
    |    |--Sanguisorbeae EH03
    |    `--Potentilleae EH03
    |         |  i. s.: Purpusia EH03
    |         |         Horkeliella EH03
    |         |         Comarella EH03
    |         |         Stellariopsis EH03
    |         |--Fragariinae EH03
    |         `--Potentilla EH03
    `--Rosa [incl. Hulthemia] EH03
         |--R. × andegavensis [R. canina × R. stylosa] V09
         |--R. canina R-CT01
         |--R. cinnamomea Linnaeus 1753 CD07
         |--R. gallica H91
         |--R. hybrida MH98
         |--R. laevigata C55
         |--R. majalis EH03
         |--R. multiflora BC01
         |--R. persica EH03
         |--R. pimpinellifolia BBM02
         |--R. rubiginosa C55
         |--R. rugosa B88
         |--R. sempervirens R-RR-GM-S98
         |--R. sericea O88
         |--R. stylosa V09
         |--R. tomentosa D37
         `--R. wilsonii D37

*Type species of generic name indicated


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