Giant ichneumon Rhyssa persuasoria, photographed by Paweł Strykowski.

Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.

The Rhyssini is a group of ichneumon wasps that are parasitoids on wood-boring larvae of beetles and wood wasps; females have elongate ovipositors in order to drill deep into wood to find hosts. A number of species of this group have been deliberately introduced outside their native ranges to help control timber pest species.

Characters (from Gauld 1984): Mesoscutum bearing transverse rugae; female with cornute process on hind end of last visible tergite.

    |--Cytorhyssa mesopyrrha (Mocsàry 1905) (see below for synonymy) IK05
    |--Lytarmes IK05
    |    |--L. clarippenis (Cameron 1907) [=Rhyssa clarippenis] IK05
    |    `--L. maculipennis (Smith 1858) (see below for synonymy) IK05
    |--Triancyra luzonica IK05
    |    |--T. l. luzonica IK05
    |    `--T. l. citeria Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
    |--Epirhyssa Cresson 1865 [incl. Rhyssonota Kriechbaumer 1890] G84
    |    |--*E. speciosa G84
    |    |--E. biroi N91
    |    `--*Rhyssonota’ tristis G84
    |--Megarhyssa Ashmead 1900 [=Megalorhyssa Schulz 1906, Thalessa Holmgren 1859 non Adams & Adams 1853] G84
    |    |--‘Ichneumon’ gigas Linnaeus 1758 L58 [incl. I. clavatus G84, *Megarhyssa clavata G84, *Thalessa clavata G84]
    |    |--M. emarginatoria G84
    |    |--M. mirabilis (Smith 1858) [=Rhyssa mirabilis, Thalessa mirabilis] IK05
    |    `--M. nortoni G84
    |--Myllenyxis IK05
    |    |--M. javensis Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
    |    |--M. kuchingensis Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
    |    |--M. muelleri (Vollenhoven 1879) (see below for synonymy) IK05
    |    `--M. variegate Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
    |--Rhyssa Gravenhorst 1829 [=Pararhyssa Walsh 1873; incl. Cryptocentrum Kirby 1837] G84
    |    |--*R. persuasoria (Linnaeus 1758) G84, L58 [=Ichneumon persuasorius G84, *Pararhyssa persuasoria G84]
    |    |--R. alaskensis G84
    |    |--R. amoena G84
    |    |--R. approximator MS01
    |    |--R. crevieri G84
    |    |--R. hoferi G84
    |    |--R. howdenorum G84
    |    |--R. jozana G84
    |    |--R. lineolata [=*Cryptocentrum lineolatum] G84
    |    `--R. nigricornis MS01
    `--Sychnostigma Baltazar 1961 [=Hierax Tossquinet 1903 non Vigors 1826] G84
         |--*S. raptor [=*Hierax raptor, Epirhyssa raptor] G84
         |--S. asperum Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. bimaculatum (Cameron 1903) [=Epirhyssa bimaculata, Ahyborhyssa bimaculata] IK05
         |--S. binarium Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. cruciatum (Cameron 1907) [=Epirhyssa cruciata] IK05
         |--S. flavopictum (Smith 1858) (see below for synonymy) IK05
         |--S. gephyrum Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. kerrichi Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. maai Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. maculiceps (Cameron 1905) [=Epirhyssa maculiceps, Ahyborhyssa maculiceps] IK05
         |--S. malayanum Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. nigrobalteatum (Cameron 1903) [=Epirhyssa nigrobalteata, Ahybohyssa nigrobalteata] IK05
         |--S. sarawakense Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. silvaticum Kamath & Gupta 1972 IK05
         |--S. spiloptera (Cameron 1905) [=Epirhyssa spiloptera, Ahyborhyssa spiloptera] IK05
         `--S. vulgare Baltazar 1961 [=S. vulgaris] IK05

Cytorhyssa mesopyrrha (Mocsàry 1905) [=Rhyssa mesopyrrha; incl. Lytarmes giganteus Enderlien 1919, Epirhyssa tuberculata Cameron 1906] IK05

Lytarmes maculipennis (Smith 1858) [=Rhyssa maculipennis; incl. R. nigritarsis Cameron 1902 non Cameron 1886, Thalessa nigritarsis, Lytarmes sumtranus Enderlein 1919, Megarhyssa variegata Mocsary 1905, L. maculipennis variegates, Rhyssa varilineata Cameron 1907, L. maculipennis varilineatus, R. variilineata (l. c.)] IK05

Myllenyxis muelleri (Vollenhoven 1879) [=Rhyssa muelleri; incl. Epirhyssa nigerrima Morley 1913, Myllenyxis nigerrima] IK05

Sychnostigma flavopictum (Smith 1858) [=Macrogaster flavopictus, Ahyborhyssa flavopicta, Epirhyssa flavopicta; incl. E. curvimaculata Cameron 1907, Sychnostigma curvimaculatum] IK05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G84] Gauld, I. D. 1984. An Introduction to the Ichneumonidae of Australia. British Museum (Natural History).

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