Korotnevella stella, from Microworld.

Belongs within: Amoebozoa.

The Paramoebidae are a family of flattened amoebae that produce finger-like anterior subpseudopodia. At least some paramoebids host minute endosymbionts close to the nucleus that were once mistaken for organelles, called parasomes.

Characters (from Microworld): Locomotive form with digitiform, blunt subpseudopodia frequently extending from the anterior hyaloplasm; temporarily lacking in some species. Floating form often with radiating pseudopodia. Uninucleate with central nucleolus. Surface layer complex, highly differentiated as a cuticle or as boat-shaped microscales discernable at the TEM level. Pseudopodia without a filamentous core.

    |--Janickina Chatton 1953 DF03
    |    |--J. chaetognathi (Grassi 1881) DF03
    |    `--J. pigmentifera (Grassi 1881) DF03
    |--Neoparamoeba Page 1987 DF03
    |    |--N. branchiphila SN05
    |    `--+--N. aestuarina DF03
    |       `--N. pemaquidensis (Page 1970) DF03
    |--Paramoeba Schaudinn 1896 DF03
    |    |--P. eilhardi Schaudinn 1896 DF03
    |    |--P. invadens Jones 1985 DF03
    |    `--P. perniciosa Sprague, Beckett & Sawyer 1969 DF03
    `--Korotnevella SN05
         |--K. hemistylolepis SN05
         `--+--K. monacantholepis KB05
            `--K. stella SN05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[DF03] Dykov√°, I., I. Fiala, J. Lom & J. LukeŇ°. 2003. Perkinsiella amoebae-like endosymbionts of Neoparamoeba spp., relatives of the kinetiplastid Ichthyobodo. European Journal of Protistology 39 (1): 37-52.

[KB05] Kudryavtsev, A., D. Bernhard, M. Schlegel, E. E-Y. Chao & T. Cavalier-Smith. 2005. 18S ribosomal RNA gene sequences of Cochliopodium (Himatismenida) and the phylogeny of Amoebozoa. Protist 156: 215-224.

[SN05] Smirnov, A., E. Nassonova, C. Berney, J. Fahrni, I. Bolivar & J. Pawlowski. 2005. Molecular phylogeny and classification of the lobose amoebae. Protist 156: 129-142.

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