Pigeon louse Columbicola columbae, photographed by Pfliegler Walter.

Belongs within: Philopteridae.

Columbicola is a genus of chewing lice found primarily on species of pigeons; Tendeiro (1962) regarded records on other bird species to represent strays.

Characters (from Tendeiro 1962): Generally elongate, sometimes broad and squat. Head configuration similar in both sexes. Antennae usually with marked sexual dimorphism. Two pairs of short setae present on clypeal region, the anterior pair lanceolate and the posterior pair pointed.

<==Columbicola Ewing 1929 (see below for synonymy) T62
    |--*C. columbae (Linnaeus 1958) (see below for synonymy) T62
    |    |--C. c. columbae (see below for synonymy) T62
    |    |--C. c. bacillus (Giebel 1866) (see below for synonymy) T62
    |    `--C. c. stresemanni Eichler 1942 T62
    |--C. angustus (Rudow 1869) [=Lipeurus angustus] T62
    |--C. baculoides (Paine 1912) (see below for synonymy) T62
    |--C. becheti Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. carrikeri Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. cavifrons (Taschenberg 1882) (see below for synonymy) T62
    |    |--C. c. cavifrons [incl. C. longiceps sikoraae Eichler 1947] T62
    |    `--C. c. harrisoni Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. claviformis (Denny 1842) [=Nirmus claviformis, C. columbae claviformis] T62
    |--C. clayae Tendeiro 1960 T62
    |    |--C. c. clayae T62
    |    `--C. c. insularis Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. elbeli Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |    |--C. e. elbeli T62
    |    `--C. e. phoenicopterae Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. emersoni Tendeiro 1960 T62
    |    |--C. e. emersoni T62
    |    `--C. e. curtus Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. exilicornis (Piaget 1880) [=Lipeurus exilicornis; incl. C. juliusriemeri Eichler & Bárbara Mrosek 1958] T62
    |--C. extinctus Malcomson 1937 T62
    |--C. fortis (Taschenberg 1882) (n. d.) [=Lipeurus fortis] T62
    |--C. fradei Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. fulmecki Eichler 1943 [=C. baculus fulmecki, C. bacillus fulmecki] T62
    |--C. gracilicapitis Carriker 1955 T62
    |--C. guimaraesi Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |    |--C. g. guimaraesi T62
    |    `--C. g. grandiusculus Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. hoogstraali Tendeiro 1959 T62
    |--C. keleri Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. longiceps (Rudow 1869) (see below for synonymy) T62
    |--C. longisetaceus (Piaget 1885) (n. d.) [=Lipeurus longisetaceus, C. lonigsetacea (l. c.)] T62
    |--C. macrourae (Wilson 1941) [=Esthiopterum (Columbicola) macrourae; incl. C. pseudolipeurusque Eichler 1952] T62
    |--C. meinertzhageni Tendeiro 1959 T62
    |    |--C. m. meinertzhageni T62
    |    |--C. m. longantennatus Tendeiro 1959 T62
    |    |--C. m. meridionalis Tendeiro 1959 T62
    |    `--C. m. parvus Tendeiro 1959 T62
    |--C. menura (Le Souëf & Bullen 1902) (n. d.) [=Lipeurus menura, Esthiopterum menura] T62
    |--C. mjoebergi Eichler 1943 T62
    |--C. orientalis Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. paradoxus Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. passerinae (Wilson 1941) (see below for synonymy) T62
    |--C. seta (Piaget 1880) (n. d.) [=Nirmus seta] T62
    |--C. streptopeliae (Clay & Meinertzhagen 1937) [=*Soricella streptopeliae] T62
    |    |--C. s. streptopeliae T62
    |    |--C. s. capicolae (Clay & Meinertzhagen 1937) [=Soricella streptopeliae capicolae, C. capicolae] T62
    |    |--C. s. oenae (Hopkins 1941) [=Soricella streptopeliae oenae, C. oenae] T62
    |    `--C. s. senegalensis Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. taschenbergi Eichler 1942 T62
    |--C. theresae Ansari 1955 T62
    |--C. timmermanni Tendeiro 1962 T62
    |--C. tschulyschman Eichler 1942 [incl. C. montschadskyi Blagoveshtchensky 1951] T62
    |--C. turturis (Uchida 1917) [=Lipeurus turturis, C. bacillus turturis, C. baculus turturis] T62
    `--C. wardi Tendeiro 1962 T62

Columbicola Ewing 1929 [=Phagopterus Freire & Andrade 1944; incl. Soricella Clay & Meinertzhagen 1937, Parasoricella Eichler 1952] T62

Columbicola baculoides (Paine 1912) [=Lipeurus baculoides; incl. L. texanus McGregor 1917, Columbicola texanus, C. triangularis Hopkins & Clay 1953] T62

Columbicola cavifrons (Taschenberg 1882) [=Lipeurus baculus var. cavifrons, C. longiceps cavifrons, Esthiopterum cavifrons] T62

*Columbicola columbae (Linnaeus 1958) [=Pediculus columbae, Esthiopterum columbae, Lipeurus columbae, *Phagopterus columbae] T62

Columbicola columbae bacillus (Giebel 1866) [=Philopterus (Lipeurus) baculus de Haan in Lyonet 1829 non Nitzsch 1818, Lipeurus bacillus, Columbicola baculus bacillus; incl. C. bacillus confusissimus Eichler 1947, C. confusissimus, C. hopkinsi Ansari 1955] T62

*Columbicola columbae columbae (Linnaeus 1958) [incl. Lipeurus antennatus Giebel 1874, Columbicola antennatus, Philopterus (Lipeurus) baculus Nitzsch 1818, C. baculus, Esthiopterum baculum, Nirmus filiformis Olfers 1816, Columbicola columbae filiformis, C. filiformis, Esthiopterum filiforme, C. columbae juanfernandez Eichler 1952, C. juanfernandez] T62

Columbicola longiceps (Rudow 1869) [=Lipeurus longiceps, Ducula longiceps, Esthiopterum longiceps; incl. L. forficula Piaget 1885, Columbicola forficula, *Parasoricella wolffhuegelli Eichler 1952, Columbicola wolffhuegeli] T62

Columbicola passerinae (Wilson 1941) [=Esthiopterum (Columbicola) passerinae; incl. C. gymnopeliae Eichler in Niethammer 1953] T62

*Type species of generic name indicated


[T62] Tendeiro, J. 1962. Estudos sobre malófagos: Revisão monográfica do género Columbicola Ewing (Ischnocera, Philopteridae). Memórias da Junta de Investigações do Ultramar, ser. 2, 32: 7-460.

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