Female common pine sawfly Diprion pini, copyright Entomart.

Belongs within: Eusymphyta.
Contains: Pergidae, Argidae, Tenthredinidae.

The Tenthredinoidea are the most diverse living lineage of sawflies with larvae feeding on a wide variety of plant species, including ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Notable subgroups of the Tenthredinoidea include the Diprionidae, conifer-feeding sawflies with more than thirteen antennal segments, the antennae being serrate in females and pectinate or bipectinate in males. The Cimbicidae have clubbed antennae and a laterally carinate abdomen (Richards & Davies 1977); their larvae feed externally on woody flowering plants.

Characters (from Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Pronotum deeply curved, with lateral concavities for reception of prothoracic spiracle; forewing with crossvein 2r-rs distad of 2rs-m.

Tenthredinoidea [Strophandria]
    |  i. s.: Aproceros leucopoda PK17
    |--Xyelotomidae NPH04
    |    |--Pseudoxyelocerus Nel, Petrulevicius & Henrotay 2004 NPH04
    |    |    `--*P. bascharagensis Nel, Petrulevicius & Henrotay 2004 NPH04
    |    |--Xyelotoma Rasnitsyn 1968 NPH04
    |    |    `--*X. nigricornis Rasnitsyn 1968 NPH04
    |    |--Xyelocerus Rasnitsyn 1968 NPH04
    |    |    `--*X. admirandus Rasnitsyn 1968 NPH04
    |    |--Pseudoxyela Rasnitsyn 1968 NPH04
    |    |    `--*P. heteroclita Rasnitsyn 1968 NPH04
    |    |--Dahurotoma Rasnitsyn 1990 NPH04
    |    |    `--*D. robusta Rasnitsyn 1990 NPH04
    |    |--Vitimilarva Rasnitsyn 1969 NPH04
    |    |    `--*V. paradoxa Rasnitsyn 1969 NPH04
    |    `--Kuengilarva Rasnitsyn 1990 NPH04
    |         `--*K. inexpectata Rasnitsyn 1990 NPH04
    `--+--Liaotoma Ren et al. 1995 NPH04
       |    `--*L. linearis Ren et al. 1995 NPH04
       |--Leridatoma Rasnitsyn & Ansorge 2000 NPH04
       |    `--*L. pulcherrima Rasnitsyn & Ansorge 2000 NPH04
       |--Davidsmithia Pagliano & Scaramozzino 1990 (see below for synonymy) NPH04
       |    `--*D. suni (Hong 1982) [=*Protenthredo suni, *Thomasia suni] NPH04
       |--Undatoma Rasnitsyn 1977 NPH04
       |    |--*U. dahurica Rasnitsyn 1977 NPH04
       |    |--U. bicolor Rasnitsyn & Jarzembowski 1998 NPH04
       |    |--U. rudwickensis Rasnitsyn & Jarzembowski 1998 NPH04
       |    |--U. taksha Rasnitsyn 1990 NPH04
       |    |--U. stigmatica Rasnitsyn & Jarzembowski 1998 NPH04
       |    `--U. undurgensis Rasnitsyn 1990 NPH04
       `--+--Blasticotomidae HR11
          |    |--Blasticotoma filiceti PK17
          |    `--Runaria reducta HR11
          `--+--+--Electrotoma Z02 [Electrotomidae GE05]
             |  |    `--E. succini Rasnitsyn 1977 P92
             |  `--+--Pergidae GE05
             |     `--Argidae GE05
             `--+--Tenthredinidae HR11
                `--+--Cimbicidae HR11
                   |    |--Corynis crassicornis HR11
                   |    |--Cimbex PK17
                   |    |    |--C. lutea (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Tenthredo lutea L02]
                   |    |    |--C. rubida PK17
                   |    |    `--C. variabilis A83
                   |    `--Abia Leach 1817 BD17, M99
                   |         |--A. aenea (Klug 1829) M99
                   |         |--A. fasciata MS01
                   |         |--A. lonicerae BD17
                   |         |--A. nigricornis MS01
                   |         `--A. sericea (Linné 1758) M99
                   `--Diprionidae HR11
                        |--Monoctenus juniperi HR11
                        |--Gilpinia Benson 1939 RD77, M99
                        |    |--G. hercyniae F92
                        |    `--G. polytoma (Hartig 1837) M99
                        |--Neodiprion TW05
                        |    |--N. abietis FM80
                        |    |--N. banksiana G38
                        |    |--N. lecontei BD17
                        |    |--N. serti TM96
                        |    `--N. tsugae G38
                        `--Diprion PK17 [incl. Lophyrus Latreille 1802 non Poli 1791 RD77, L02]
                             |--D. frutetorum F92
                             |--D. hercyniae C81
                             |--D. laricis F92
                             |--D. pallidus F92
                             |--D. pini (Linnaeus 1758) A71, L58 [=Tenthredo pini L02, *Lophyrus pini L02]
                             |--D. polytomum F92
                             `--D. rufus F92

Davidsmithia Pagliano & Scaramozzino 1990 [=Protenthredo Hong 1982 non Pongracz 1928, Thomasia Pagliano & Scaramozzino 1990 nec Poche 1908 nec Lambert 1918 nec Frederiks 1929; Protenthredinidae] NPH04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 21 March 2021.

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