Trichothelium epiphyllum, photographed by Robert Lücking.

Belongs within: Ascomycota.
Contains: Porina.

The Trichotheliales is an order of lichenised fungi associated with trentepohlioid algae.

Characters (from McCarthy 2001): Trentepohlioid photobiont; perithecioid ascomata; largely unbranched hamathecium of paraphyses; thin-wwalled unitunicate asci.

    |  i. s.: Ascolacicola Ranghoo & Hyde 1998 JC03, E99
    |           |--*A. aquatica Ranghoo & Hyde 1998 [anam. Trichocladium uniseptatum] E99
    |           `--A. austriaca JC03
    |--Myeloconis [Myeloconidaceae] EB03
    `--Trichotheliaceae EB03
         |--Polycornum EB03
         |--Porina LV98
         |--Clathroporina LV98
         |    |--*C. eminentior LV98
         |    `--C. isidiifera Harris 1995 LV98
         `--Trichothelium LV98 [incl. Actiniopsis Starbäck 1899 RS99, Ophiodictyon RS99]
              |--T. epiphyllum [incl. *Actiniopsis bambusae Starbäck 1899] RS99
              |--T. horridulum [incl. Actiniopsis plumbea Starbäck 1899, *Ophiodictyon plumbea] RS99
              `--T. sipmanii LV98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[LV98] Lücking, R., & A. Vězda. 1998. Taxonomic status in foliicolous species of the genus Porina (lichenized Ascomycotina: Trichotheliaceae)—II. The Porina epiphylla group. Willdenowia 28: 181-226.

McCarthy, P. M. 2001. Myeloconaceae. In: McCarthy, P. M. (ed.) Flora of Australia vol. 58A. Lichens 3, pp. 104-105. ABRS/CSIRO Australia: Melbourne.

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