Hyphae of Trichoconis schnifferulae, from Deighton & Pirozynski (1972).

Belongs within: Fungi.

Trichoconis is an anamorphic genus of fungi that are hyperparasites on other plant-parasitic fungi.

Characters (from Deighton & Pirozynski 1972): Mycelial hyphae superficial, repent, septate, branched, smooth, colourless or almost so. Conidiophores well-developed, arising as lateral branches of the mycelial hyphae, simple or branched, septate or continuous, smooth, polyblastic, sympodial, denticulate. Denticles are narrow tubular separating cells cut off from conidiophore by basal thin septum or from conidium by another septum, cylindric or, in a few species, slightly conoid or obconoid, conidium shed by fracture of separating cell, sometimes about middle, sometimes near base and sometimes nearer or very close to base of conidium which leaves a longer or shorter tubular open-ended denticle attached to conidiophore and usually a longer or shorter portion attached to base of conidium; in some species (e.g Trichoconis angustispora and T. africana) the separating cell breaks so close to the base of the conidium that only a minute frill remains; in T. sigmoidea even this frill cannot be seen though old persistent fractured separating cels on conidiophore are open-ended denticles. Conidia more or less fusiform or filiform, colourless or nearly so, rarely (e.g. T. viridula) very dilute olivaceous, smooth, 1- to several-septate.

<==Trichoconis Clements 1909 DP72
    |--*T. caudata (Appel & Strunk) Clements 1909 [=Pyricularia caudata Appel & Strunk 1904] DP72
    |--T. africana (Hansford) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 [=Eriomycopsis africana Hansford 1942] DP72
    |--T. angustispora (Hansford) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 [=Eriomycopsis angustispora Hansford 1942] DP72
    |--T. appendiculata Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 DP72
    |--T. englerulae (Hansford) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 [=Eriomycopsis englerulae Hansford 1945] DP72
    |--T. hamata (Hansford) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 [=Eriomycopsis hamata Hansford 1942] DP72
    |--T. hibernica Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 DP72
    |--T. malloti (Saccardo) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 (see below for synonymy) DP72
    |--T. schiffnerulae (Hansford) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 (see below for synonymy) DP72
    |--T. sigmoidea Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 DP72
    |--T. trichiliae (Hansford) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 [=Eriomycopsis trichiliae Hansford 1942] DP72
    `--T. viridula Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 DP72

Trichoconis malloti (Saccardo) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 [=Ramularia malloti Saccardo 1919; incl. Eriomycopsis ugandae Hansford 1942] DP72

Trichoconis schiffnerulae (Hansford) Deighton & Pirozynski 1972 [=Eriomycopsis schiffnerulae Hansford 1942; incl. Domingoella deightonii Hansford 1949] DP72

*Type species of generic name indicated


[DP72] Deighton, F. C., & K. A. Pirozynski. 1972. Microfungi. V. More hyperparasitic hyphomycetes. Mycological Papers 128: 1-110.

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