Starmerella meliponinorum, from Teixeira et al. (2003).

Belongs within: Saccharomycotina.

The Stephanoascales, originally proposed as a grouping for saccharomycetous yeasts with galactose in the cell walls, but more recently restricted to a smaller group distinguished by molecular data (some species of which lack galactose). Members of the Stephanoascales lack extracellular amyloid compounds (Schweigkofler et al. 2002).

    |--Stephanoascus SL02
    |    |--S. ciferrii SL02
    |    `--S. smithiae SL02
    `--Starmerella SL02 [anam. Galactocandida SL02; incl. Entelexis E99]
         |  i. s.: anam. ‘Candida’ apis SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ bertae SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ blankii SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ castrensis SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ edax SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ gropengiesserii SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ magnoliae TM03 [incl. *Entelexis magnoliae E99]
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ paludigena SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ sorbophila SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ valdiviana SL02
         |         anam. ‘Candida’ versatilis SL02
         |--anam. ‘Candida’ vaccinii TM03
         `--+--+--anam. ‘Candida’ floricola TM03
            |  `--anam. ‘Candida’ powellii TM03
            `--+--+--anam. ‘Candida’ batistae TM03
               |  `--S. bombicola TM03
               `--+--+--anam. ‘Candida’ apicola TM03
                  |  `--anam. ‘Candida’ bombi TM03
                  `--+--+--anam. ‘Candida’ etchellsii TM03
                     |  `--S. meliponinorum Teixeira, Marini et al. 2003 TM03
                     `--+--anam. ‘Candida’ lactis-condensi TM03
                        |--anam. ‘Candida’ zemplinina Sipiczki 2003 S03
                        `--+--anam. ‘Candida’ davenportii S03
                           `--anam. ‘Candida’ stellata TM04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E99] Eriksson, O. E. (ed.) 1999. Notes on ascomycete systematics. Nos 2440-2755. Myconet 2: 1-41.

[SL02] Schweigkofler, W., K. Lopandic, O. Molnár & H. Prillinger. 2002. Analysis of phylogenetic relationships among Ascomycota with yeast phases using ribosomal DNA sequences and cell wall sugars. Organisms Diversity & Evolution 2: 1-17.

[S03] Sipiczki, M. 2003. Candida zemplinina sp. nov., an osmotolerant and psychrotolerant yeast that ferments sweet botrytized wines. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 2079-2083.

[TM03] Teixeira, A. C. P., M. M. Marini, J. R. Nicoli, Y. Antonini, R. P. Martins, M.-A. Lachance & C. A. Rosa. 2003. Starmerella meliponinorum sp. nov., a novel ascomycetous yeast species associated with stingless bees. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 339-343.

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