Porina nucula, photographed by Harrie Sipman.

Belongs within: Trichotheliales.

Porina is a genus of lichenised fungi found primarily in shaded habitats in tropical and subtropical regions (P. M. McCarthy).

Characters (from P. M. McCarthy): Thallus corticolous, saxicolous or foliicolous (rarely bryophilous or terricolous). Algae Trentepohlia (mainly in corticolous and saxicolous spp.) or Phycopeltis (in most foliicolous spp.). Perithecia immersed in the thallus or in thallus-dominated verrucae, or superficial on the thallus. Involucrellum vestigial to well-developed and almost completely enclosing the exciple, pale to dark orange-brown, red-brown, brown, green-black, purple-black or jet-black; surface smooth to uneven, lacking whorls of stiff subapical setae (rarely with a more uniformly distributed and delicate pilose or ± tomentose covering). Ascospores with 3 or more transverse septa, or submuriform to muriform.

<==Porina [incl. Phragmopeltheca] E99
    |  i. s.: P. americana LV98
    |         P. applanata LV98
    |         P. epilucida LV98
    |         P. fulvella LV98
    |         P. fusca Lücking 1991 LV98
    |         P. guaranitica LV98
    |         P. guentheri JC03
    |         P. heterospora LV98
    |         P. mastoidea LV98
    |         P. nuculastrum LV98
    |         P. rufula LV98
    |         P. rugosa Ach. 1814 LV98
    |         P. simulans LV98
    |--+--+--P. curtula Malme 1929 LV98
    |  |  `--P. tetracerae (Afz.) Mueller 1885 [=Verrucaria tetracerae Afz. in Ach. 1803; incl. P. variegata] LV98
    |  `--+--P. distans Vězda & Vivant 1994 LV98
    |     |--P. exasperatula Vainio 1914 LV98
    |     `--+--P. conspersa Malme 1929 LV98
    |        `--P. imitatrix Mueller 1890 (see below for synonymy) LV98
    `--+--+--P. subnucula Lumbsch, Lücking & Vězda in Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
       |  `--+--P. verruculosa Mueller 1890 LV98
       |     `--+--P. rudiuscula (Nyl.) Mueller 1892 [=Verrucaria rudiuscula Nyl. 1868] LV98
       |        `--+--*P. nucula Ach. 1814 LV98
       |           `--P. pocsii Vězda 1984 LV98
       `--+--+--+--P. follmanniana Becker & Lücking in Daniels et al. 1995 LV98
          |  |  `--P. radiata Kalb, Lücking & Vězda in Lücking & Vězda 1998 (see below for synonymy) LV98
          |  `--+--+--P. epiphylloides Vězda 1975 LV98
          |     |  `--P. guianensis Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
          |     `--+--P. longispora Vězda 1975 LV98
          |        `--P. mazosioides Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
          `--+--P. foliicola (Vězda) Lücking & Vězda 1998 [=Clathroporina foliicola Vězda 1977] LV98
             `--+--+--P. andreana Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
                |  `--P. mirabilis Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
                `--+--+--P. conica Sant. 1952 LV98
                   |  `--P. subepiphylla Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
                   `--+--+--P. atriceps (Vainio) Vainio 1921 (see below for synonymy) LV98
                      |  `--P. atropunctata Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
                      `--+--P. virescens (Kremp.) Mueller 1883 (see below for synonymy) LV98
                         `--+--P. similis Kalb & Vězda 1991 LV98
                            `--+--P. lucida Sant. 1952 [incl. P. lenticulata Lücking 1994 (n. n.)] LV98
                               |    |--P. l. var. lucida LV98
                               |    `--P. l. var. australiensis Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98
                               `--+--P. albicera (Kremp.) Overeem 1922 (see below for synonymy) LV98
                                  `--+--P. epiphylla (Fée) Fée 1837 (see below for synonymy) LV98
                                     `--P. minutissima Henssen, Lücking & Vězda in Lücking & Vězda 1998 LV98

Porina albicera (Kremp.) Overeem 1922 [=Verrucaria albicera Kremp. 1874; incl. Phylloporina myriocarpa Mueller 1891] LV98

Porina atriceps (Vainio) Vainio 1921 [=P. epiphylla var. atriceps Vainio 1896; incl. Phylloporina cupreofusca Zahlbr. 1928] LV98

Porina epiphylla (Fée) Fée 1837 [=Porina americana var. epiphylla Fée in Bory de Saint-Vincent et al. 1831; incl. P. insperata Mueller 1883, P. ephiphylla var. major Vainio 1921, Verrucaria praestans Nyl. 1868, Micropeltis schmidtiana Rostr. 1902] LV98

Porina imitatrix Mueller 1890 [incl. Po. affinis Schill. 1927, Phylloporina caerulescens Mueller 1890, Po. hypothetica Vainio 1921, Ph. schiffneri Zahlbr. 1909] LV98

Porina radiata Kalb, Lücking & Vězda in Lücking & Vězda 1998 [=P. rugosa Kalb & Vězda 1992 non Ach. 1814] LV98

Porina virescens (Kremp.) Mueller 1883 [=Verrucaria virescens Kremp. 1874; incl. P. multiseptata Mueller 1883, P. pandanorum Vainio 1921] LV98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E99] Eriksson, O. E. (ed.) 1999. Notes on ascomycete systematics. Nos 2440-2755. Myconet 2: 1-41.

[JC03] Jacobs, A., M. P. A. Coetzee, B. D. Wingfield, K. Jacobs & M. J. Wingfield. 2003. Phylogenetic relationships among Phialocephala species and other ascomycetes. Mycologia 95 (4): 637-645.

[LV98] Lücking, R., & A. Vězda. 1998. Taxonomic status in foliicolous species of the genus Porina (lichenized Ascomycotina: Trichotheliaceae) - II. The Porina epiphylla group. Willdenowia 28: 181-226.

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