Larva of Phyllocolpha leucapsis, photographed by Habropoda.

Belongs within: Tenthredinoidea.

The Nematinae are a group of sawflies found primarily in the Holarctic region; they are the dominant sawfly group in the Arctic and Subarctic, but become less predominant in more southern regions (Smith 2003).

Characters (from Smith 2003): Forewing with vein M meeting Sc+R basal to the point where Rs+M meets Sc+R; vein 2m-cu usually joins cell 1Rs; vein 2A+3A atrophied at base, present only as a straight stub or sometimes curved up and meeting 1A forming a small basal anal cell; veins M and 1m-cu markedly divergent; radial crossvein (2r) present or absent. Hindwing with cells RS and M both present; anal cell present. Epicnemium present, broad and triangular, separated from mesepisternum by suture; propleurae pointed on meson.


Smith, D. R. 2003. Synopsis of the sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) of America south of the United States: Tenthredinidae (Nematinae, Heterarthrinae, Tenthredininae). Transactions of the American Entomological Society 129 (1): 1-45.

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