Larva of Phyllocolpa leucapsis, photographed by Habropoda.

Belongs within: Tenthredinidae.

The Nematinae are a group of sawflies found primarily in the Holarctic region; they are the dominant sawfly group in the Arctic and Subarctic, but become less predominant in more southern regions (Smith 2003). Members of the genera Phyllocolpa, Pontania and Euura induce galls on willows and poplars (Kopelke 2007a).

Characters (from Smith 2003): Forewing with vein M meeting Sc+R basal to the point where Rs+M meets Sc+R; vein 2m-cu usually joins cell 1Rs; vein 2A+3A atrophied at base, present only as a straight stub or sometimes curved up and meeting 1A forming a small basal anal cell; veins M and 1m-cu markedly divergent; radial crossvein (2r) present or absent. Hindwing with cells RS and M both present; anal cell present. Epicnemium present, broad and triangular, separated from mesepisternum by suture; propleurae pointed on meson.

    |--Fallocampus Wong 1977 HP-W05
    |--Platycampus HP-W05
    |    |--P. luridiventris (Fallen 1808) HP-W05
    |    `--P. obscuripes Konow 1896 HP-W05
    |--Nematus HP-W05
    |    |--N. albipennis MS01
    |    |--N. capreae MS01
    |    |--N. histrio MS01
    |    |--N. melanaspis Hartig 1840 HP-W05
    |    |--N. myosotidis MS01
    |    |--N. pavidus Serv. 1823 HP-W05
    |    |--N. respondens Förster 1854 H04
    |    |--N. ribesii PK17
    |    `--N. rumicis MS01
    |--Pristiphora H04
    |    |--P. carpentieri Konow 1903 H04
    |    |--P. erichsonii (Hartig 1837) HP-W05
    |    |--P. geniculata (Hartig 1840) HP-W05
    |    |--P. kamtchatica Malaise 1931 H04
    |    |--P. nievesi Haris 2004 H04
    |    |--P. parnasia Konow 1902 H04
    |    |--P. subbifida (Thomson 1871) H04
    |    `--P. testacea Jurine 1807 HP-W05
    |--Pontania Costa 1859 K07a
    |    |--P. albopicta Malaise 1931 K07a
    |    |--P. apicifrons Malaise 1931 [incl. P. apicifrons var. punctifrons Malaise 1931] K07a
    |    |--P. auberti Zirngiebl 1957 K07a
    |    |--P. bridgmanii (Cameron 1883) [=Nematus bridgmanii; incl. P. kirchneri Zirngiebl 1959] K05
    |    |--P. excavata Marlatt 1896 K07a
    |    |--P. fibulata Konow 1901 K07a
    |    |--P. leucapsis [incl. P. leucapsis var. connata Enslin 1915] K07a
    |    |--P. obscura Kopelke 2005 K05
    |    |--P. proxima (Serville 1823) (see below for synonymy) K05
    |    |--P. sibirica Malaise 1931 K07a
    |    `--P. triandrae Benson 1941 K05
    |--Euura Newman 1837 K07a
    |    |--E. (Euura) K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) amerinae K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) angusta Hartig 1837 K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) atra (Jurine 1807) K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) auritae Kopelke 2000 K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) cinereae Kopelke 1996 K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) elaeagnos Kopelke 1996 K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) lapponica Kopelke 1996 K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) myrtilloides Kopelke 1996 K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) purpureae Kopelke 1996 K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) testaceipes K06
    |    |    |--E. (E.) venusta K06
    |    |    `--E. (E.) weiffenbachii Ermolenko 1988 K06
    |    `--E. (Gemmura Smith 1968) K06
    `--Phyllocolpa Benson 1960 K07b
         |--P. acutiserra (Lindquist 1948) [=Pontania acutiserra] K07b
         |--P. alienata (Förster 1854) [=Nematus alienatus; incl. N. (Pontania) coriaceus Benson 1953] K07b
         |--P. anomaloptera (Förster 1854) (see below for synonymy) K07c
         |--‘Nematus’ bipartitus Serville 1823 K07c
         |--P. carinifrons (Benson 1940) [=Pontania carinifrons] K07a
         |--P. crassispina (Thomson 1871) [=Nematus crassispinus] K07c
         |--P. erythropyga (Förster 1854) [=Nematus erythropygus] K07a
         |--P. ischnocera (Thomson 1862) [=Nematus ischnocerus; incl. N. leucostigmus Cameron 1875] K07a
         |--P. kopelkei (Lacourt 1996) [=Pontania (Phyllocolpa) kopelkei] K07a
         |--P. leucapsis (Tischbein 1846) [=Nematus leucapsis] K07b
         |--P. leucosticta (Hartig 1837) (see below for synonymy) K07a
         |--P. nudipectus (Vikberg 1965) [=Pontania nudipectus] K07c
         |--P. oblita (Serville 1823) [=Nematus oblitus; incl. N. pineti Hartig 1837, N. puella Thomson 1871] K07a
         |--P. piliserra (Thomson 1862) (see below for synonymy) K07c
         |--P. plicadaphnoides Kopelke 2007 K07a
         |--P. plicaglauca Kopelke 2007 K07c
         |--P. plicalapponum Kopelke 2007 K07a
         |--P. plicaphylicifolia Kopelke 2007 K07a
         |--P. polita (Zaddach 1883) (see below for synonymy) K07a
         |--P. prussica (Zaddach 1883) [=Nematus prussicus] K07a
         |--P. pschornwalcheri Kopelke 2007 K07b
         |--P. purpureae (Cameton 1884) [=Nematus purpureae; incl. Euura acuminata Enslin 1915] K07c
         |--P. rolleri Liston 2005 K07c
         |--P. scotaspis (Förster 1854) (see below for synonymy) K07c
         |--P. spirappendiculata Kopelke 2007 K07b
         |--P. spirhelvetica Kopelke 2007 K07b
         |--P. tuberculata (Benson 1953) [=Nematus (Pontania) tuberculatus] K07c
         |--P. ‘viminalis’ (Hartig 1840) non (Linnaeus 1758) K07b
         |--‘Nematus’ westermanni Thomson 1862 K07c
         `--‘Nematus’ xanthogaster Förster 1854 K07c

Phyllocolpa anomaloptera (Förster 1854) [=Nematus anomalopterus; incl. Pontania cyrnea Liston 2005, Po. joergenseni Enslin 1916, Amauronematus maidli Zirngiebl 1937] K07c

Phyllocolpa leucosticta (Hartig 1837) [=Nematus leucostictus; incl. N. crassulus Thomson 1862, N. ischnocerus var. nigrifrons Konow 1897] K07a

Phyllocolpa piliserra (Thomson 1862) [=Nematus piliserra; incl. Pontania piliserra var. mascula Enslin 1915, Po. piliserra var. tristis Enslin 1915] K07c

Phyllocolpa polita (Zaddach 1883) [=Nematus politus; incl. Pontania connata Enslin 1915, N. sieboldii Zaddach 1884] K07a

Phyllocolpa scotaspis (Förster 1854) [=Nematus scotaspis; incl. N. anglicus Cameron 1877, Phyllocolpa anglica, Pontania fibulata Konow 1901, Nematus nigrolineatus Cameron 1879] K07c

Pontania proxima (Serville 1823) [=Nematus proximus; incl. Euura flavipes Cameron 1885, N. vallisnerii Hartig 1837] K05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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