Ficus section Malvanthera

Port Jackson fig Ficus rubiginosa, photographed by Christine Peterson.

Belongs within: Moraceae.

Ficus section Malvanthera is a group of figs pollinated by wasps of the genus Pleistodontes (Dixon 2003).

Characters (from Dixon 2003): Ostiole with two or three lobes with inflexed bracts; syconia with two or three basal bracts; reniform unilocular anthers with crescentic or transverse dehiscence; ovaries attached by their base to wall of syconium, or embedded in wall of syconium; red spot present at apex or base of the ovary; stigma either simple or bifid.

<==Ficus sect. Malvanthera
    |  i. s.: F. subnervosa D03
    |--F. ser. Hesperidiiformis (Corner) Dixon 2003 [incl. Malvanthera ser. Cyclanthereae Corner 1959] D03
    |    |  i. s.: F. glandifera D03
    |    |         F. (ser. *Cyclanthereae) sterrocarpa D03
    |    |--F. subser. Hesperidiiformis Corner 1959 D03
    |    |    |--F. (subser. *Hesperidiiformis) hesperidiiformis D03 [incl. F. sclerotaria B88]
    |    |    |--F. augusta D03
    |    |    |--F. crassipes Bailey 1889 D03
    |    |    |--F. heteromeka D03
    |    |    |--F. mafuluensis D03
    |    |    |--F. pleurocarpa von Mueller 1874 [incl. F. cylindrica Warburg 1905] D03
    |    |    `--F. xylosycia D03
    |    |         |--F. x. var. xylosycia B88
    |    |         `--F. x. var. cylindrocarpa B88
    |    `--F. subser. Eubracteatae Corner 1959 D03
    |         `--F. (subser. *Eubracteatae) triradiata Corner 1959 (see below for synonymy) D03
    `--F. ser. Malvanthereae Corner 1959 D03
         |  i. s.: F. atricha Dixon 2001 [incl F. platypoda var. cordata] D03
         |         F. brachypoda (Miquel) Miquel 1867 (see below for synonymy) D03
         |         F. cerasicarpa Dixon 2001 D03
         |         F. lilliputiana Dixon 2001 D03
         |           |--F. l. f. lilliputiana D03
         |           `--F. l. f. pilosa D03
         |--F. subser. Malvanthereae D03
         |    |--F. (ser. *Malvanthereae) macrophylla Desfontaines ex Persoon 1807 D03
         |    |    |--F. m. f. macrophylla D03
         |    |    `--F. m. f. columnaris D03
         |    |--F. rhizophoriphylla D03
         |    `--F. watkinsiana Bailey 1891 (see below for synonymy) D03
         `--F. subser. Platypodeae Corner 1959 D03
              |--F. (subser. *Platypodeae) platypoda (Miquel) Cunningham ex Miquel 1867 (see below for synonymy) D03
              |--F. destruens von Mueller ex White 1933 D03
              |--F. leucotricha D03
              |--F. obliqua Forster 1786 D03
              |--F. rubiginosa Desfontaines ex Ventenat 1805 D03 [incl. F. australis B88]
              |    |--F. r. f. rubiginosa (see below for synonymy) D03
              |    `--F. r. f. glabrescens D03
              `--F. subpuberula Corner 1959 D03

Ficus brachypoda (Miquel) Miquel 1867 [incl. F. platypoda var. lacnocaulon, F. platypoda var. minor, Urostigma puberulum Miquel 1847, F. puberula (Miquel) Miquel 1867, F. obliqua var. puberula] D03

Ficus (subser. *Platypodeae) platypoda (Miquel) Cunningham ex Miquel 1867 [incl. F. leucotricha, F. leucotricha var. megacarpa, F. leucotricha var. sessilis] D03

Ficus rubiginosa f. rubiginosa [incl. F. baileyana, F. obliqua var. petiolaris, F. platypoda var. leichhardtii] D03

Ficus (subser. *Eubracteatae) triradiata Corner 1959 [incl. F. triradiata var. sessilicarpa Corner 1959] D03

Ficus watkinsiana Bailey 1891 [incl. F. bellingeri Moore in Moore & Betche 1893, F. simmondsii Bailey 1910] D03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[D03] Dixon, D. J. 2003. A taxonomic revision of the Australian Ficus species in the section Malvanthera (Ficus subg. Urostigma: Moraceae). Telopea 10 (1): 125-153.

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