Amblyopone pallipes, photographed by Benoit Guenard.

Belongs within: Formicidae.

The Amblyoponinae are a group of ants characterised by a relatively broad attachment of the petiole to the gaster. Most are cryptic predators in soil and leaf litter, and rarely seen on the surface of the ground.

Characters (from Heterick 2009): Dentiform clypeal setae present; waist consisting of a single segment, petiole broadly articulated to abdominal segment III; apex of abdomen with a sting.

<==Amblyoponinae [Amblyoponini]
    |--+--Apomyrma [Apomyrminae] RBV08
    |  |    `--A. stygia RBV08
    |  `--+--Onychomyrmex hedleyi RBV08
    |     `--+--Concoctio concenta RBV08
    |        `--Prionopelta RBV08
    `--+--Adetomyrma RBV08
       `--+--Mystrium Roger 1862 RBV08, B03
          |    |--*M. mysticum B03
          |    `--M. camillae Emery 1889 E89
          `--Amblyopone Erichson 1842 RBV08, FT08
               |--A. aberrans H09
               |--A. australis H09
               |--A. cephalotes V73
               |--A. clarki H09
               |--A. fulvida Terayama 1987 I92
               |--A. glauerti H09
               |--A. michaelseni H09
               |--A. mutica RBV08
               |--A. nana Emery 1914 E14
               |--A. pallipes RBV08
               `--A. zwaluwenburgi (Williams 1946) FT08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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