Lady's mantle Alchemilla venosa, from Gardeners' World.

Belongs within: Roperculina.

The Fragariinae are a clade of rosaceous plants defined by Eriksson et al. (2003) as the most inclusive clade including Fragaria vesca but no Potentilla anserina, P. reptans or Sanguisorba officinalis. Members of the genus Fragaria, the strawberries, are widely grown for their edible fruits.

    |  i. s.: Sibbaldianthe [incl. Schistophyllidium] EH03
    |--+--Fragaria EH03
    |  |    |--F. × ananassa EH03 [=F. chiloensis var. ananassa RS99]
    |  |    |--F. chiloensis [incl. F. chiloensis ssp. pacifica] H93
    |  |    |--F. elatior C55b
    |  |    |--F. grandiflora TS07
    |  |    |--F. nilgerrensis O88
    |  |    |--F. nubicola O88
    |  |    |--F. vesca [incl. F. vesca ssp. californica, F. crinita] H93
    |  |    `--F. virginiana [incl. F. virginiana ssp. platypetala] H93
    |  `--+--Chamaerhodos erecta EH03
    |     |--Drymocallis EH03
    |     |    `--‘Potentilla’ arguta EH03
    |     `--Dasiphora [incl. Pentaphylloides] EH03
    |          `--‘Potentilla’ fruticosa EH03
    |               |--P. f. var. fruticosa O88
    |               |--P. f. var. ochreata O88
    |               |--P. f. var. pumila O88
    |               `--P. f. var. rigida O88
    `--+--‘Potentilla’ bifurca EH03
       |--Comarum EH03
       |    |--‘Potentilla’ palustris EH03
       |    `--‘Potentilla’ salesowianum EH03
       |--+--Sibbaldiopsis EH03
       |  |    `--‘Potentilla’ tridentata EH03
       |  `--Sibbaldia EH03
       |       |--S. cuneata O88
       |       |--S. micropetala O88
       |       |--S. perpusilloides O88
       |       |--S. procumbens EH03
       |       |--S. purpurea O88
       |       |--S. sikkimensis O88
       |       `--S. tetrandra O88
       `--+--Lachemilla EH03
          |--Zygalchemilla EH03
          |--Aphanes EH03
          |    |--A. arvensis EH03
          |    |--A. microcarpa HE80
          |    |--A. minutiflora GR98
          |    `--A. occidentalis [=Alchemilla occidentalis] H93
          `--Alchemilla EH03
               |  i. s.: A. alpina EH03
               |         A. arvensis C06
               |         A. minusculiflora H-AB00
               |         A. mollis EH03
               |         A. orthotricha H-AB00
               |         A. pseudocartalinica H-AB00
               |         A. straminea H-AB00
               |         A. vulgaris C55a
               |         A. ziganadagensis H-AB00
               `--A. sect. Alchemilla subsect. Calycantum ser. Calycinae H-AB00
                    |--A. ancerensis H-AB00
                    |--A. dura H-AB00
                    |--A. ellenbergiana H-AB00
                    |--A. procerrima H-AB00
                    |--A. retinervis H-AB00
                    |--A. transcaucasica H-AB00
                    `--A. venosa H-AB00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[C55b] Candolle, A. de. 1855b. Géographie Botanique Raisonée: Ou exposition des faits principaux et des lois concernant la distribution géographique des plantes de l’époque actuelle vol. 2. Librairie de Victor Masson: Paris.

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