Fossil of Protodiamphipnoa gaudryi, from Béthoux & Nel (2005).

Belongs within: Orthopteroidea.

The Ischnoneuridae are a group of long-legged Carboniferous fossil insects characterised by having the wing veins CuA+CuPa internally pectinate, i.e. with the anterior main branch posteriorly pectinate and the posterior main branch anteriorly pectinate (Béthoux & Nel 2005).

<==Ischnoneuridae [Aetophlebiidae, Narkeminidae]
    |--Paranarkemina Pinto & Pinto de Ornellas 1980 BN05
    |--Ischnoneura Brongniart 1893 BN05
    |    `--*I. oustaleti (Brongniart 1885) [=Leptoneura oustaleti] BN05
    |--Narkemina Martynov 1930 BN05
    |    `--N. angustata Martynov 1930 BN05
    |--Narkeminopsis Whalley 1979 BN05
    |    `--*N. eddi Whalley 1979 BN05
    |--Protodiamphipnoa Brongniart 1893 BN05
    |    `--P. gaudryi (Brongniart 1885) (see below for synonymy) BN05
    `--Aetophlebia Scudder 1885 BN05
         `--‘Narkemina’ winsdoriensis Lewis 1979 BN05

Protodiamphipnoa gaudryi (Brongniart 1885) [=Protophasma gaudryi, Cnemidolestes gaudryi, Protodiamphipnoa (Protophasma) gaudryi; incl. *Protodiamphipnoa tertrini Brongniart 1893] BN05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BN05] Béthoux, O., & A. Nel. 2005. Some Palaeozoic ‘Protorthoptera’ are ‘ancestral’ orthopteroids: Major wing braces as clues to a new split among the ‘Protorthoptera’ (Insecta). Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 2 (4): 285-309.

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